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This page is a composite page that is set up as an easy link to the excellent Sci-Fi 3D Models page.

Sci-Fi 3D Models is a site run by Andrey Kurin, and allows access and download of his excellent 3D Models of various science fiction vehicles and ships, with a plenty of Babylon 5 stuff, either canon, official or fanfictional.

Among them, there are the very well done models of a series of EFNI designs: Nova 2, Centurion and Tillman Dreadnoughts, Gladium Assault Vector, Nike Battle Cruiser, Lupo Frigate and Vigilante cutter.

In the hope of making something liked by both the Author of the models and by the readers of EFNI, I have tried to organize a table with links to the main page and to the single rederings of the various EFNI ships. The download of the models is possible following the links in the Sci-Fi 3D Models Main Page - And I suggest to have a look to ALL the models and the renderings, Babylon 5, Star Wars and whatever else, because they are among the best stuff that can be found on the net.




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Link to the Specific EFNI Page
Centurion Class "Minos" Dreadnought Centurion Class Heavy Dreadnought
Tillman Beta Class "Python" Dreadnought Tillman Class Heavy Dreadnought
Gladium Class "Harpy" Frontal Assault Vector Gladium Class Frontal Assault Vector
Nova II Class "Quasar" Dreadnought Nova II Class Dreadnought
Nike Alpha Class "Nike" Battle cruiser
Nike N Class "Orion" Battle cruiser
Nike Class Battle Cruiser
Lupo Alpha class "Pegasus" Frigate
Lupo N class "Talos" Frigate
Lupo Class Frigate
Vigliante Class "Boreas" Patrol Cutter Vigilante class Cutter


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