Mr. Chris Yu, owner of the site Studioadvent , has mastered the model of the Nike class battlecruiser. Inspired by the design on this site - EFNI, Earth Force Naval Intelligence, he masterd the model, and, with an hard work, had it transformed in a kit that allows to build a fine model of the Nike. For me - Being the nike one of my "brainchilds", this was a pleasure, and an hunour. To Mr. Chris Yu, all my respect and gratitutude, and my admiration for his excellent work. If you are a modelist, You could easily love the Nike - If you are not, well, maybe this is the time to try to build your own pocket battlecruiser.


  The model is available for sale at this page:  


Here are some images of the model,

Out of the box




Assembled and painted model




Details and disclaimer:

1) The model has roughly the following dimensions: about 5" long. about 1.5" wide at its widest point. about 1.5" tall with the vertical 'wings'
2) The model must be assembled and painted - glue, paint and instruments are not included.
3) I don't know if this is needed, anyway, DISCLAIMER: the model of the Nike is not a toy, and must not be given to a child without the supervision of an adult. Contains small parts.

4) THIS MODEL IS GREAT! - Well, the modelist is great, and the conceptual design is mine, so it shall have to be great...


The model is available for sale at this page: NIKE CLASS BATTLECRUISER MODEL PAGE

Enjoy It!


E.A.S. ORION BATTLE CRUISER - Enlisted in the E.F.N.I. - Enhanced EGAD sensor suite





NIKE - THE MODEL In this page is presented the first miniature kit for an EFNI design - the Nike Class Battlecruiser - Mastered by Chris Yu - with images and links to Mr. Yu site.



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