The E.A.S. Titans is the only Earth Allianc ship that has Vorlon technology. This is not due a technology sharing from the Ancient race, but a result of the merging of the remnants of the destroyed transport of Kosh Ulkesh, last Vorlon Ambassador on Babylon 5.

The remnants of the Vorlon ship were salvaged and stored, after a series of passages, in the hangar of the E.A.S.Titans Warlock class destroyer: the Vorlon ships are living and self conscious beings, but, until that moment, nobody in the Earth Alliance was aware of
how much the self consciousness and the life of these artifacts was powerful and extended. In the time frame of a night, the remnants of the Vorlon ship merged with the structures of the Titans, and in less than a week they took control of the main computer and energy net. The activity was monitored with the help of a Technomage, Mr Galen, and the integration of the Vorlon technology in the Titans was just a beginning. In a few months, the original armor was substituted by Vorlon Bio-armor layers, while more transformations went on. The Vorlon technology has a tendentence to replace the Shadow or Shadow derivated technology, while generally merges with the original human structure, instead of replacing it.
In the following two years, more transformations took place, the most relevants were the growing of another energy grid, fed by Zero Point Field captors, grown on the main engine block. From the enrgy grid, new pieces of technology begun to grow on the original systems: the pulse/particle beam M111 turrets evolved in quantum discharge cannons, while, slowly but steadily, an heavy Gravitic quantum discharge cannon grew on the bow of the Titans. After these last developments, the growing came to an halt, while the Technomage enabled us to build and operate an interface system that gave us the control and the capability to operate these new systems.

The E.A.S. Titans is a sea of marvels, but, while we are actually able to make it to work, we have barely understood some basic principles of the science involved. More, we are unable to replicate this process on other ships. We can try to grow or to build new pieces of Vorlon technology, but we are unable to replicate a complete Vorlon self-sufficient and self conscious biosystem.
Until we will be able to do this, the E.A.S. Titans will remain an One-of-a-kind ship.
she likes the human kind, and she said that will protect us against the threat of every darkness. And she did it during the Drakh war, as promised.


Class: N/A - Modified Warlock
Type: Heavy Destroyer
Length: 2,125 meters
Mass: 81.5 million metric tons
Crew: 480
troop: Up to 18,000 with full equipment
fighters: 48 Mitchell-Hyundane Thunderbolt Starfury.


1*Vorlon Zero Point Field captor.
6*Westinghouse "Event Horizon" Gravitic Enhanced Fusion Reactors.
6*Lockheed-General Electric I-79LGE12 gravitic enhanced plasma engines.
2*Lockheed-Mitchell M51e6 Jump engines.


1*Vorlon Quantum Singularity Discharge Cannon 2*Earthforce Arsenals
Mk V Heavy Particle G.O.D. cannons.
8*Vorlon Quantum Discharge Lightning Cannons
127/748 Super Rapido Heavy railgun turrets.
WRI 1128 Light Ion repeaters.
"Blue Phoenix" Missiles.
"Shillelagh" missiles

18 to 24 meter armored hull
CARBONAT -VIII-A. Layer of Vorlon Bio Armor.
25*Interceptor Mk. III Defense Grid Energy Projectors

E.A.S.TITANS - Warlock Class Heavy Destroyer


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