- In accordance with the FUZZ PROJECT request for proposal and contract. -

The COLOSSEUM SHIP DESIGN is proud to present at the attention of the EARTH FORCE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR OVERSIGHT BUREAU the Design of the


Menace evaluation.

The menace of the Raiders is mainly based on small fleets generally structured in accordance with the following typologies:

1 - Battlewagon/fighter structure -
This type of formation generally includes one large, jump capable fighter carrier, with 10 - 30 fighters of old type, and a powerful main weapon, generally a battle laser of Narn/Centauri origin, and some pulse/particle antifighter emplacements. The main carrier lacks of protection and maneuverability, but is generally well armed, and the swarm of fighters, because of the sheer number, is a powerful menace for the typical small patrol units.

2 - Pack structure -
This type of formation is structured around three - five units belonging to the Sunhawk (or equivalent) class gunships, with the same number of fighters, and one/two old type, jump capable cruiser/frigate, mainly some surplus or recovered Th'loth light cruiser or equivalent. This is the most dangerous pirate formation, mainly because of the effect of the swarm attacks that can be carried by the light attack units.

3 - Single ship structure -
This menace is mainly related with the Stribe activity. The Stribe Raider is a medium sized, heavily armoured and well armed cruiser, maneuverable and effective, outcome of an advanced technology. Single ship raids are seldom actuated by some Centauri Noble Houses, mainly for internal political purposes.

4 - Drakh raids -
This is not specifically piracy, the Drakh activity is mainly a guerrilla agains the Earthforce interests, and is carried on by formations of three - six Drakh "Raider" class Heavy fighter/gunship.

Response to the menace

To eliminate the Type 1 and 4 menace are needed: 1 - A powerful antifighter defense, with multiple turrets and total solid horizon covering, and an armored protection able to protect the hull from the Drakh fire, at least at the medium distances.
2 - A line of at least six fighters.

To eliminate the Type 2 menace, the patrol unit must be able to outmaneuvre and outgun the Drazi Sunhawk. Protection and Fighters are still very important, and a long range weapon is needed to destroy the Jump capable support unit.

To eliminate the Type 3 menace is needed the ability to outmaneuvre a Stribe Raider, a good armored/interceptor protection, and an heavy antiship firepower, with at least a long range weapon with extreme piercing power. Fighter support is useful.

The pursuit of all the menaces requires very good sensors, high linear acceleration and speed, and autonomous Hyperspace Jump capability.


General -

The Vigilante Cutter is a Fast pursuit polyvalent unit. The hull is the smallest one able to hold a jump engine, an auxiliary fusion reactor for enhanced weapon/vortex generator feeding, a fighter launching/recovery facility, and a q-spoiling pulsed spinal laser. The lenght of the ship must not confuse: even if the hull has the same nominal lenght of a Hyperion cruiser, the design is vastly sleeker and more compact. The frontal area is just slightly more than a half of the one of the classic cruiser.
The armour protection is based upon MK 3 (Carbonat XIV tm) multi-layer plasteel-polycristalline mesh composite standard modules, with good thickness, allowed without heavy weight penalties by the small overall surface of the hull.

The propulsion system is based upon three General Electric I-85GE12 ion engines with Westinghouse "I-Vulcan" Fusion Reactors, the lightweight variant of the OMEGA engines, in full production for our Lupo frigates. The Engine plant allows an acceleration of more than 8.5 g's, and a large energy production. Our Plasma Impeller maneuvre system allows a nimbleness unmatched by any other ship of these dimensions, and allows the Vigilante to outrun and outmaneuvre the Sunhawk Gunship. an add-on General Electric GRCK-122 gravitic enhanced fusion reactor provides either an addictional power source, that enables the continuous fire with all the weapons, and a gravitic field source for the inertial dampening cage, that protects the crew from the high accelerations.

The main long range offensive power, beyond the fighters, is given by an A.M.S. QSL-4S Q-spoiling Spinal Laser, well able to penetrate the hull even of a Stribe raider, or of a cruiser, from side to side. A battery of 12 missiles, with four launching tubes, completes the main long range arsenal.
The medium range firepower is given by four HP-08 plasma pulse mortars and two Super Rapido II railgun twin turrets.
The short range anti-fighter defense is provided by 20 WRX 1028 light particle-pulse turrets, a defensive barrier unmatched by any ship of class lesser than a destroyer/heavy cruiser.


Class: Vigilante
Type: Cutter
Lenght: 1250 (1075w/o antennas) meters.
Mass: 10.8 millions metric tons
Acceleration: 8.05 g
Crew: 52
Troops: accommodations for a 42 units fully equipped Marines Boarding Platoon.
Fighters: 8*Mitchell-Hyundane SA-26A Thunderbolt Starfury.
Other: 2*Lockheed-Coronado G-27 light Hexoatmospheric shuttle.

3*Westinghouse "I-Vulcan" Fusion Reactors.
3*General Electric I-85GE12 ion engines.
2*Lockheed-Mitchell M47e2 Jump engines.
1*General Electric GRCK-122 gravitic enhanced fusion reactor.

1*A.M.S. QSL-4S Q-spoiling Spinal Laser.
4*Westhinghouse-O.T.O. Melara HP-08 Plasma Pulse Mortars.
2*O.T.O.Melara 127/762 "Super Rapido II" Heavy railgun turrets.
20*Walther-Raytheon WRX 1028 Light Particle/Pulse Turrets.
12*Raytheon"Blue Phoenix" Missiles,4*launching tubes with automatic loading.

4.5 to 11 meter armored hull Carbonat VIII (Multi-layer plasteel/Polycristalline composite armour), anti-neutron ablative armour (localized).
12*Interceptor Mk.III Defense Grid Projectors.