The Zenith Class Assault ships are units developed by the E.F.N.I. and by the Earth Force Navy. It is officially classified as "Frontal Assault Vector".

The hull is the smallest frame able to hold the internal systems, the overall structure is sturdy, compact and heavily armored. The main engines are eight Gravitic Enhanced Plasma Engines of the same type used on the most recent Earthforce warships, with the "Waverider II" gravitic drive used in the Gladium and Centurion Warships. The whole rear block (engines+reactors) is a simple modification of the power module of the Gladium Assault Vectors. The main energy grid includes eight gravitic enhanced fusion reactors, and a Quantum Singularity Gravitic Reactor, developed with Kirishiac technology, that offers a power vastly superior to the Victory class Heavy destroyers. The Engine system enables accelerations and speed of the same level of the Victory destroyers.

The Weapon system is conceptually simple: the main weapon is a Quantum Discharge weapon, of the same type used on the Victorys and conceptually similar to the Vorlon Discharge cannon, but, while the weapon of the ISA destroyers is a watered down variant of Minbari design of the original Vorlon model, the weapon installed on the Zenith Assault Ships is a twelve years more advanced project, developed by the Earthforce, and with proprietary technology, developed thanks to the informations gathered in these years and with the significative technologychal enhancements allowed by the Kirishiac technologies now available to the Earth Alliance. The Quantum Discharge Cannon is the reason of existence of these units, and all the other systems are structured exclusively to allow the best performances of this weapon, fed by the Quantum singularity rector. So was made the choiche to eliminate both the fighter line and the missile launchers, to spare room and allow a more compact design, while the conventional artillery system is exactly the same of the
Omega Epsilon destroyers, and has been chosen because of his excellent interceptor/anti fighter capability, essential in the defence from the incoming fire of the Thirdspace fighters and warships, coupled with a good saturation capability (antimatter focal beams), that should inflict heavy damage in the time required to the ship to front an enemy, power up and fire his main weapon. A strong emphasis has been placed in the frontal arc protection.

The armor protection, particularly in the frontal arc, is thick and effective, and the interceptor/energy web grid is powerful and proven. Sensor and communication suites are the same of the Warlock Beta Destroyers, except for the long range EGAD main antenna, that is ythe large Mk1 instead of the more common but less powerful Mk6.

The ship is unable to cover the dreadnought/battleship role, but has speed, armor, and, mostly, firepower enough to successfully actuate two main combat tactics: sneaking attacks against single ships or small TSA formations, and to pursue and force to fight TSA task force: this is extremely important, because in fact the E.A. fleet, even if sufficiently powerful to face a TSA menace, has not the overall mobility to force the combat in favourable circumstances, while cuold be made to fight against unfavorable odds. The presence of a comparatively small number of these units, in conjunction with the Nike Cruisers and with the Gladium Assault vectors is essential to change this factor of the power equation against the TSA Aliens. The units actually in service are:
E.A.S.Zenith, E.A.S.Equinox, E.A.S.Meridian, E.A.S.Eclipse, E.A.S. Sunrider, E.A.S. Phoenix, E.A.S.Sunbird, E.A.S.Firebird, E.A.S.Starwind, E.A.S.Starstorm, E.A.S.Starblazer, E.A.S.Starblade, E.A.S.Fireflash, E.A.S.Lightsabre, E.A.S.Fireblade, E.A.S.Firesword. The actual (Dec.31,2281) production rate have been 10 units/year, with a prospected rate of 15-16 ships/year from the beginning of 2282.


Class: Zenith
Type: Assault Vector
Length: 1,940.6 meters (overall - hull: 1405 meters)
Mass: 96.5 million metric tons
Acceleration: 14.42 G
Crew: 78
Troop: None
Fighter: None.

8*Westinghouse "Event Horizon" Gravitic Enhanced Fusion Reactors.
1*Lockheed ZQ -1 "Dark Star" Quantum singularity Gravitic Reactor.
1*Lockheed-Mitchell GWR-2 "Waverider II" Gravitic Drive.
8*Lockheed-General Electric I-110LGE900 gravitic enhanced plasma engines.
2*Lockheed-Mitchell M185 Jump engines.

1*E.F.N.I. Arsenals Mk I Quantum Singularity Discharge Cannon.
SUPEROMEGA Antimatter beam streamers/Heavy IonPulse turrets.
4*Raytheon SUPEROMEGA Antimatter beam streamers (rear firing)
12*Westinghouse-OTO Melara
WM 203 Ion pulse twin turrets.

28 to 45 meter armored hull, Multi-layer composite armour,
CARBONAT VI-A, with anti-neutron ablative layer and intermediate nanotechnologycal layer. localized layers of nanotechnologycal armor .
20*Interceptor Mk. III Defense Grid Energy Projectors.
8*Neural disruptors.




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