"Damocles" Report

- Abstract - 2269 to 2275 -


This is an abstract of the "Damocles" report about the Thirdspace Aliens activities. The works of the Damocles Commision begun in the Year 2261, under the leadership of the Capt. Daryl Cellini, and went on through the 2270's. The initial outcomes of the Damocles Investigations were at the origins of the Bright Talon, Brightshield and Brightwarrior programs.

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Accepted the possibility of an intrusion of thirdspace aliens and considered the level of menace represented by a such powerful enemy, the major activities of the EFNI were the following:

1-Assess clearly and with the most reduced uncertainity level the power of the enemy, both in terms of technology level of the ships and in terms of numbers of the available force.

2-Build ships and/or develop technologies enabling Eartforce and ISA to face the enemy with the best odds of success

3-Gather informations and, if possible, direct support against the impending menace from powers able to face them: particularly, gain, if possible, the support of the ancients.


The most important sources of informations are the records and the direct testimoniances of the people that directly faced the TSA. This happened in two occasions: the "thirdspace intrusion" of 2261, and the "Thirdspace incident" of 2273.

In the first incident, the enemy used only heavy fighters/gunships (Class 3Alpha" fighters), in the second incident the enemy used a capital ship.

Thirdspace incident of 2261

An IPX research team, based on the Babylon 5 station, found an alien artifact in hyperspace, that resulted to be something like a jump gate linking Hyperspace with an unknown dimension. The device was activated by IPX personnel, and allowed access to normal space to an extremely hostile and dangerous Alien Power, belonging to the different dimension linked to the hyperspace through the artifact.
The incident was perfectly managed By Capt.J.Sheridan, that was able to gather a task force centered on some Minbari cruisers, with the support of a Whitestar task force and of the Starfury Squadrons of the Babylon 5 garrison. A formation of gunships of the "Thirdspace Aliens" was able to filter through the gate and penetrate the space, but was intercepted and engaged by the B5 task force. The invaders were contained, with losses on both sides. Capt.J.Sheridan personally actuated an incursion directly on the Gate, and destroyed the artifact detonating a thermonuclear demolition charge. After the destruction of the artifact, the remaining forces of the Thirdspace Aliens, stranded and whitout support, were eliminated by the Task force. See also essential chronology, 2261

The Vorlon Thirdspace gate (1)

The Vorlon Thirdspace gate (2)

The Vorlon Thirdspace gate (3)

A Thirdspace Gunship,
"3Alpha" class fighter.

Image of the battle between the combined
Minbari, Anla'Shok, and Earthforce Task force,
and Thirdspace Alien forces.
The explosion of the Thirdspace gate, causated
by the detonation of a thermonuclear demolition
charge placed by Capt. J.Sheridan (EF Navy).
The explosion destroyed the incoming TSA forces,
included a TSA Capital ship, "3Avatar" class battleship.
Images provided by the EFNI Investigation Office.

The E.F.N.I was informed of the incident, and opened an investigation, due to the ferocious aggressivity and dangerousness shown by the Alien Force. To perform this investigation, the EFNI establishes the "Damocles" commission for Thirdspace Aliens Investigations, under the chairmanship of the the actual CINCEFNI, Captain Daryl Cellini of the OPDIV.

Tactical report

The essential outcomes were the following:

1- The TSA fighters use exclusively extremely powerful antimatter bolters.

2- The Shields of the TSA fighters are unuseful against lasers

3- The Shields of the TSA fighters are effective against plasma bolts having:

- An energy not higher than 4 Terajoules
- An energy density not higher that 0.4 Terajoules/m^2, if the overall bolt energy is higher than 4 TJ
- A bolt speed not higher that 8000 m/s, if coupled with the bullet 1 and 2 characteristics.

4- The Shields of the TSA fighters are effective against particle beams having:
- A power density not higher that 2 Terawatts/m^2

This was a dramatic outcome, meaning that all the Aurora and Thunderbolt starfuries, and all the CIWS of the types WRK 1005 Phalanx (Omega, Lupo, Nova Delta, Poseidon) and WRX1028,(Warlock, Nova 2, Nike, Vigilante, Monsoon, Arctic) are unable to harm the class 3Alpha fighters, the only exception being the WRK 1005 of the Omegas in the particle beam mode.

So, was needed a totally new generation of plasma bolters, with the following basic caracteristics:

1-Plasma bolt average energy of 4.5 Terajoules (useful)
2-Plasma bolt energy density not lower than 5 Terajoules/m^2
3-Plasma bolt speed higher than 8000 m/s

These specifications of general requirements were accomplished by the introduction of the Ion weapons, of the types WRI 2028 and WM 203
and implied the production and installation of about 22.000 WM203 turrets and 5.000 WRI2028 turrets for retrofit, and 4000 WM203 and 6000 WRI2028 turrets for new production warships.

For the fighters, is needed a shifting from the plasma based weapons to Q-lasers with extremely high rate of fire. This armement must be supplemented with short/medium range missiles with focal fusion warheads.

Thirdspace incident of 2273

The Thirdspace incident of 2273 was the first fight against a TSA capital ship(Codename:"3Avatar destroyer"), involving Earthforce capital ships (see also essential chronology, year 2273, and the Centurion page)

The incidents of sector 98

After the loss of nine freighters of ISA and neutral worlds, all disappeared in hyperspace in the proximities of the Jumpgate N2455, a joint activity to investigate the problem was started by the Anla'Shok, Earthforce, and EFNI. Some relics are found drifting in the hyperspace in the area of the gate beacon. The relics, belonging to the E.S.S. Sao Paulo, show traces of damages that are strong index of the attack of an extremely powerful plasma weapon or Ion Weapon. LONAW worlds blame of the attack the Centauri, that strongly negate any involvement: In fact, one of the destroyed ships was a Centauri passenger/luxury cruiser ship. After consultations between Centauri diplomatic representatives and ISA presidential office, was reached an agreement for a sharing of a patrol activity between E.A., Anla'shok and Centauri.

About one month later, a Centauri passenger ship, and his escort of four Vorchans, was destroyed in the real space in te sector 98. Rising of tension between Centauri and ISA. Fragments of transmissions from the Centauri escort induce to think that the responsibles could be unknown aliens with powerful technology, given the small time that the Vorchan escorts were able to fight against them.

Earthforce Navy and EFNI launched an armed reconnaissance mission,"Deep Eyes 3" with a powerful formation: the reconnaissance unit was the E.A.S.Styx (Warlock heavy destroyer, EFNI), supported by a task force led by the E.A.S.Centurion heavy DN, with the E.A.S. orion (Nike battlecruiser), the E.A.S.S. Themis, Mnemosyne, Xenophon, Briareos (Omega class destroyers), and Badger, Puma, Stryx and Serpent (Lupo class Frigates). The massive task force, in fact, acted like a bait, following a route close to the commercial lane 128-2455 A, and was attacked by a TSA capital ship that tried to jump into the formation from the Hyperspace, but was detected by the EGADs of the Centurion and the Styx with 1' 35" of anticipation, and this gave to the Earth task force time enough to line up in combat formation and turn on all the weapon system: correctly, the Starfuries were not deployed. The enemy unit, while still emerging from the hyperspace at a distance of 100 kms from the Earth group, was immediately subject to the fire of the main beams of the four Omegas and of the Centurion's pulse lasers, while the frigates, led by the Orion cruiser, attacked the enemy with a wolfpack strike from three different approach vectors: the E.A.S.Serpent was hit and badly damaged, the Orion was hit by a secondary weapon, but was able to complete his strafing run and break the contact. The TSA capital ship, damaged, went on in his frontal attack against the main formation, still under the fire of the E.A. units, and was heavily damaged by the Centurion while a Fusion Cannon plasm pulse disabled the main gun of the TSA warship. Seconds later, while both the Themis and Briareos were hit by the secondary projectors of the foe, a discharge of the G.O.D. cannons of the Styx at a distance of 20000 meters destroyed the TSA unit.

The alert launched at governements level by the E.A. found attention only in the ISA/Anla'shok top levels, and, paradoxally, in some areas of the Centauri military.

EFNI have a strong confirmation of the suspects and of some outcomes of the "Damocles" investigation: The Thirdspace Aliens are a powerful menace, and is extremely probable the existence of one or more thirdspace transit gates.

Is decided to launch an attempt to open contacts with the "Ancients", finalized to gain support, or at least informations, about the impending menace.

A very important outcome of the "Incident" of Sector 98 was the assessment of the power level of the Thirdspace Aliens, and data gathered about their tecnology. All these data were collected and elaborated in the "Damocles" investigation, and utilized in the ongoing "Bright Warrior" program.

Tactical report

The essential outcomes were the following:

1- The TSA capital ships uses exclusively antimatter bolters.

2- The Shields of the TSA are unuseful against lasers

3- The Shields of the TSA capital ships are effective against plasma bolts having:
- An energy not higher than 60/65 Terajoules
- An energy density not higher than 0.5 Terajoules/m^2
- A bolt speed not higher than 5500 m/s,

4- The Shields of the TSA capital ships are effective against particle beams having:
- A power density not higher than 2.5 Terawatts/m^2
and have a dissipative effect against this type of weapon that reduces the impact power density to a level of about the 60-70% of the original: this was demonstrated by the fact that the Omega front particle beams were able to inflict some damage to the external armor, but not to effectively rake through the main hull armor, while damaging the root of a secondary weapon. These data are sure, and acquired by the spectrographic analysys of the footages downloaded from the coaxial Datacameras of the weapons.

5- The dissipative effect against the Plasma bolts requires a power of at least 80-85 TJ, and a power density of at least 0.5 Terajoules/m^2 to ensure the penetration of the main hull.

6- The power source is an advanced quantum singularity reactor and a ZPF device, that is unable to work in the normal space and has a limited functionality in Hyperspace: the structure of the space in the "thirdspace" environment could be the origin of this failure, extremely important from the tactical point of view.

This has some intresting implications:

1-The TSA capital ship weapons are weaker than suspected, weaker, for example, than the Main Weapons used by the Vorlons or by the Shadows. More important, the TSA plasma/antimatter bolts are both Interceptable and sensible to the dissipative effect of the E-Web

2- The passive defence of TSA capital ships is more effective than the armor of a Minbari Warcruiser, but lesser than a Vorlon cruiser, and can be guessed to be less effective than a Shadow Battlecrab. The armor seems to be a bio-organic product, but reacts only as a dissipative polycristalline armor of refined design. It has a low effectiveness against the railgun projectiles.

3- The redundancy and/or the compartimentation of the TSA warships is exceptionally effective, enabling them to take extremely heavy and repeated punishment and still retain mobility and combat effectiveness. The TSA ship destroyed in the incident of sector 93 was hit and penetrated by 83 shots of the q-lasers of a Nike, and by 7 or 8 discharges of the q-lasers of four Lupo friga tes, and was hit and par tially penetrated by the combined fire of three Omega Destroyers (FWD particle beams at full power), but the only relevant damages were the ones inflicted by 6 hits of the M381 fusion pulse plasma cannons of the Centurion and three bolts of a HP-01-A Plasma mortar of a Lupo FFG (with the consequent crashing of the energy shield and a linear acceleration lowered to 0.7 g's) -The ship collapsed only after the discharge of the two Aegis Mk V G.O.D. cannons of a Warlock destroyer, after having furtherly suffered the impact of 68 railgun projectiles (penetrated).

4-The TSA capital ships are extremely maneuverable, with a linear acceleration of about 7-8 g's in the normal space, and about 10-12 g's in the Hyperspace. The nimbleness is impressive, superior to a Sharlin warcruiser on all the three axes.

5-The Quantum singularity reactor and the coupled gravitic drive is immune to the fire of laser weapons. The effect of particle beams and plasma bolts is unknown, but the dissipative effect against this type of weapons seems enhanced in the energy/propulsion "Bubble" system. The "Floating Scales" held on the surface of the energy bubble are the projectors of the propulsion gravitic field, and, even if vulnerables to the fire of the lasers, are so well built and arranged in a so redundant and self compensating configuration that are needed something like 700/800 direct hits of the Q-lasers of a Nike (about 10-12 seconds of contnuous fire) to ensure the incapacitation of the system. The "Floating Scales" seems to be a passive array of gravitic pahse shifters, of distributed and redundant architecture, and it is probably the most conceptually advanced gravitic drive ever seen.

6-The railguns are extremely effective in inflicting damages, both with the operating and unoperating shields.

7-The Omega particle beams are able to penetrate the external shield, but not to easily cut through the armored hull due both the armor of the hull itself and the dissipative effect of the energy shield. It is required a particle beam weapon of about 3.5-4 Terawatts/m2 (Kinetics), to ensure the penetration of the main hull and the destruction of the internal systems. Given the architecture of t he TSA capital ships, a raking weapon seems essential to quickly inflict incapacitating damages. Piercing weapons are effective, but the overall architecture of these ships allows to sustain heavy damages before a substantial cumulative effect.

Side view of a TSA Capital Ship.
Image provided by E.F.N.I. Investigation Office



Overall, the direct fighting capabilities of the thirdspace warships are inferior to the Vorlon warships, except for the mobility, but the destruction of such a ship requires the concentrated and sustained fire of 4/5 EA capital ships, at least one of them equipped with G.O.D. Heavy Particle Cannons, and with the support of an escort of at least 6/8 fast warships, Lupo FFG and one or two Nike BC. An ISA based attack task force must be equipped with at least 3 Victory class Cruisers, and supported by an escort of 8-12 ISA standard cruiser or Vorchan attack cruisers, and/or an equivalent number of Whitestars or Morado. A Minbari based task force must be structured on three(?)-five Sharlin/Shargoti Warcruiser, with an escort of 10-12 Whitestars.

Such a task force is able to destroy a single TSA warship, with the loss of an average of two-four units damaged or destroyed. These numbers are extremely probable, and can be accepted with an high degree of confidence. Must be remarked that a confrontation with a numerical and structural advantage lesser than the one in the paragraph above will lead to the total loss of the opposing force, with no outcome.

This force ratio must be maintained even against a large formation of TSA capital ships, but a massive confrontation must be absolutely avoided: a fleet of TSA warships must be subjected to repeated sneaking attacks against single units, with a quick hyperjump very close to the targeted unit, a saturation attack lasting not more than 40" with the killing ensured by a discharge of G.O.D.cannon or equivalent weapon, and an immediate retreat through another hyperjump. The TSA ships are more effective in the hyperspace than in the normal space. A small formation of isolated (i.e. not integrated in a larger fleet) TSA warships can be attacked in a direct fleet clash only if the numerical ratio is equal or better than the one needed to attack a single warship, and only if the TSA formation is lesser in number than five warships, elsewere the losses would increase to an unacceptable level.

The escort units must always use a wolfpack attack tactic with at least three different approach vectors.

A frontal attack must be avoided. The Attack vectors must be pointed against the sides of the TSA warship.

A TSA capital ship must never be attacked without the support of fast escort units.

The escort units must attack the roots of the main frontal weapons with laser/railgun fire.

A TSA capital ship must be saturated with overwhelming firepower from the first detection and lock on. The volume of fire must be maintained at saturation levels, with all the weapons, regardless of the detected terminal effect, to allow the units equipped with G.O.D. cannons to power-up the main weapons, close the distance and release a discharge against the enemy.

The EGAD system and the Interceptor-E-Web systems are very effective, and make the difference in the expected tactical situations.


The following table is the outcome of tactical simulations.The loss ratio is based upon the presumption that the tactics utilized will be the ones illustrated in the above paragraph, Essential outcomes - tactics.

Expected average loss ratio : Warship Vs.TSA Warship   Fighters Vs.TSA fighters    
  from to   from to    
EA (With Brightwarrior upgrades) 1.5:1 3.5:1 E.A. (Thunderbolt/Firebolt) 3:1 7:1    
Minbari 1.25:1 3.5:1 E.A. (Aurora) 4:1 10:1    
Centauri (With Firebird upgrades) 1.5:1 3.5:1 Minbari (Nial) 3:1 5:1    
Narn 1.8:1 4.2:1 Centauri (Rutarian) 3:1 7:1    
ISA (Victory+ISA SLCR or whitestars) 0.5:1 4:1 Centauri (Sentri) 4:1 10:1    
LONAW N.A N.A Narn(Frazi) 5:1 12:1    
Vree 1.25:1 5:1          


It is an universally accepted fact that the Ancients, or "First Ones" have definitively left this Galaxy. This is substantially true, but some implications have been undervalued: at territorial level, the Vorlon Empire maintains a strong holding (applied thanks to a network of artificial intelligences), and the fact that the Ancients have left does not implies that any contact with them will be impossible. We (EFNI+Anla'Shok) sent exploratory missions aimed to take contact and open a channel of communications with the Ancients available to help us, or directly (extremely unprobable) or providing strategical informations, in our attempt to face the TSA menace. The first Ancients to reply to our appeal were the Torvalus, but the only race that agreed to give us both regular contacts and useful informations were the less reassuring of the First Ones: the Kirishiacs.

The Kirishiacs accepted an initial meeting with the Expedition (2273), and a further meeting was held on one month later in accordance with a direct proposal of the Kirishiacs, and involved only EFNI personnel.

During the first meeting the Kirishiacs exposed mainly the known history of the TSA-Vorlon war, and some facts related to the real military power of the TSA. The Kirishiacs responded to the questions in a kind and exahustive manner, and were well available to colect and provide further informations from the other Ancients, namely the Mindriders and, if possible, the Vorlons and the Walkers of Sigma 957.

Main outcomes of the first meeting with the Kirishiacs.

1-The Thirdspace is something like a "Fold" in the space-time structure, it has his own hyperdimension, related to the Thirdspace in a conceptually and phisical way similar to the bond between normal space and hyperspace. The potential energy barrier between the Thirdspace and the hyper-thirdspace is weaker than the barrier between normal space and hyperspace.

2-The Thirdspace is "Smaller" than the normal space. The Kirishiac were unable to communicate clearly this concept, but they seemed to consider this an important fact.

3-The TSA are the most powerful known power of their dimension, but, differently from what declarated by the Vorlons, are neither the only living beings of their universe, nor the exclusive dominators of the Thirdspace. They have the control of about 70% of their galaxy, but they seem to negate the possibilty to exist to other living beings in their controlled space, instead of applying a sistematic colonization activity. The TSA controlled space is mainly a space void of every life.

4-The most important problem that the Vorlons had to face in their war against the TSA was the hypnotic control that the TSA were able to put on an important part of the Vorlon forces. This seems in accordance with the measured power of a TSA capital Ship.

5-The will of destruction of every living being that is the most important and terrifying trait of this species seems to have a philosophical or religius origin that is actually embedded in their genetic system.

6-The TSA are organics, telepaths, Hypnotics, they are not telekinetic, their are able to act in an extracorporeal form but whithout phisical interaction with the environment.

7-The technology and the ships used by the TSA are the sames of one million years ago.

8-The hypnosys of the TSA is powerful, but relatively slow. An organic being can be trained to resist for some time to their psychyc attack, must be aided with chemical and technical means.

9-A Neural disruptor is an effective mean of protection against the hypnosys of the TSA.

10-The numerical power of the TSA is between 20,000 and 100,000 warships.(information declarated as sure, probably obtained from the Walkers of Sigma 957)

Main outcomes of the second meeting with the Kirishiacs

This second meeting was offered by the Kirishiacs, that directly specified their will to talk and share informations exclusively with the Human race. At a first glance, this approach seemed not related to hostility or contempt against the ISA as a whole, but with a certain distrust against the alien personnell of the ISA/Anla'Shok. The delegation in this occasion was only a single Kirishiac, but, even if he was talking for itself, was possible to understand that he acted with at least the approvation of the other members of the Kirishiac society. As a collateral note, the Kirishiacs seems to be an extremely individualistic social structure, and the single Kirishiacs are proud, intelligent beings, with overall kind, even if formal manners, high technical skills and some artistic capabilities (at least they seems to have the concept of figurative and literary art) and a certain propension for caustic sense of humor. They seems individually capables of extreme violence at the minimal provocation.The Kirishiac, upon request, asked to be called "Lord".

The most important informations obtained were the following:

1-Does exists at leas one "Force" that defetaed the TSA in their universe, about three millions years ago. This "Force" is still present and seems in a status of "Cold War" against the TSA, and is probably their main concern.

2-The TSA will eventually attempt an intrusion in the hyperspace with a force not greater than the 5-10% of their overall force. This is related to their needs to control their dominion, and implies an eventual confrontation against a force between 1,000 and 10,000 ships. ( probable source of this information: Torvalus? Source named "Tricksters" by the Kirishiac).The Kirishiac stated this information as "extremely affordable", and questioned if they would rely on this information to protect their own existence, they replied "yes".

3-The TSA are psychically powerful, but with some technical weaknesses. A constant awareness and vigilance must be applied to avoid the formation of a stronghold with the psychic control of a normal space pop ulation. Each eventual i ntrusion must be immediately stopped, and every possible effort must be placed to retrace the Thirdspace-hyperspace transit gate. (the Kirishiacs were not needed to reach this obvious strategical conclusion).

4-The TSA ships don't use neither communications nor long range sensor systems. The information gathering and the communications are actuated only by telepathic means. The TSA fighters are manned vehicles. The TSA electronic warfare is virtually non-existent.

5-A direct participation of one or more ancients in a war against the TSA is unlikely.

6-The TSA have something like an obsession for the Prime numbers and for the multiples of three. Their most common formation against the Vorlons was a three warships force. The technical power of the TSA is high, but the tactical ability of the TSA seems not very high (this is important, but not a so great advantage, given the fact that the only good tacticians of the ISA military forces are the Centauri, the Humans and the Vree.

A TSA three ships task force, with fighters escort.
Image provided by the Kirishiac Warlord.

The Kirishiacs are available to maintain an opened and regular communication channel, but only with the humans or the Centauri. Asked about the reason of this choice, the reply was "We respect the warriors".

8-No technical data about other First Ones technology will be made available. The Kirishiacs are available to disclose some main technologies of their own (mainly about gravitic enhanced quantum singularity reactors), but only to the Earth alliance. ISA and Anla'Shok are excluded from this agreement, as are excluded all the other ISA members.

9-The unability of the TSA warships to tap the ZPF of the normal space is confirmated. The TSA will be always a weaker opponent in the normal space than in the hyperspace. Once regained the superiority against the TSA controlled forces, the Vorlons were able to quickly eliminate the TSA.

10-The "Tidal force" between Thirdspace and hyperspace is LARGER than the tidal force between normal space and Thirdspace.The recyprocal mapping of t he "qusi-adiacent dimensions" (concept unclear) allows a transit between thirdspace and hyperspace in many more transit points than from the normal space and the hyperspace. The transit between Thirdspace and Hyperspace (or normal space) can be done only through a "mirror gate system", except than for the Walkers of sigma 957.

11-The thirdspace aliens have not a map of the hyperspace beacon net.

12-The method of Hyperspace-normal space jumping was acquired from the Vorlons. The transit between Thirdspace and Hyper 3 space is instead accomplished by a "Phase shifting" method (well clear to the Kirirshiac, but unknown and uncomprensible to the ISA members)

13-The Kirishiacs are confident that does exists at least another mirror gate in the Hyperspace, and probably two. The builders are unknown, the location is unknown, there is not knowledge of more than these one-two mirror gates.

14-The Kirishiacs seems convinced that a new TSA attempt of invasion will take place in the next few years.

15-A Vorlon cruiser, as confirmed by the Kirishiac, is able to win a fight aginst a TSA warship obtaining a kill with a single hit of the quantum discharge cannon. The introduction of the Quantum Singularity technology in the EA energy systems and in the weapon systems could be the break even point in the force ratio against the TSA.



The Earth Alliance is unable to stop an intrusion of TSA with the actual (2273) force structure.
The whole ISA (Minbari included) + Centauri could barely manage an intrusion of not more than 600-900 warships of the TSA, but even in case of a military success, the losses of the TOTAL forces of the ISA+Centauri could reach the level of 3000-4000 units, if not worse. A military defeat with the following total eradication of the populations of the human, ISA and neutral worlds/others cannot be excluded, and it'is, instead, a strong eventuality.





The actual technologycal level of the ISA units must be improved with all the "First Ones" technology that we can manage -

-Quantum discharge cannons (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Adaptive Bioarmor (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Antineutron Beam cannons (Minbari control)
-Quantum singularity reactors (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Advanced Gravitic drive

The Actual Earth alliance ships must be urgently improved with:

-Adaptive Bioarmor (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Antineutron Beam cannons (Minbari control)
-Light fusion beams (Minbari control)
-Complete EGAD sensor suite

The future Earth alliance ships must be equipped with:

-Adaptive Bioarmor (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Antineutron Beam cannons (Minbari control)
-Light fusion beams (Minbari control)
-Quantum singularity reactors (Vorlon origin, Minbari control)
-Gravitic drive
-Q-lasers and/or Aegis class G.O.D. cannons.
-Gravitic fusion pulse cannons.
-Complete EGAD sensor suite


If the Minbari Will not immediately agree to make available these technologies for the use on the E.A. warships, the Earth Alliance, to ensure the survival of the human race, shall have to immediately use the following ALTERNATIVE technologies, regardless to the eventual contestations of the other ISA members, Minbari included:

-Nanotechnologycal Armor (Shadow origin, E.A. control)
-Antimatter streamers (Shadow origin, E.A. control)
-Ion weapons (Centauri origin, E.A. control)
-Quantum singularity reactors (Kirishiac origin,E.F.N.I.control)
-Polarized antitachyon beam (Shadow origin,E.F.N.I.control)
-Neural interference disruptor (Shadow origin,E.F.N.I.control)
-Quantum singularity fast discharge cannons (Vorlon origin, E.F.N.I.control)
-Complete EGAD sensor suite (E.A)

In case of unavailabilty of Vorlon/Minbari technology, the following ALTERNATE systems must be installed on the actual ships to enable effective performances against the TSA ships and fighters:

1-Light ion weapons to substitute the Phalanx WRK1005 and the Phalanx 2 WRX1028 point defence systems in both the antifighter and interceptor roles. On all the units of the fleet.
2-Antimatter streamers, to be used as raking weapons instead of the actual Omega particle beam cannons. On all the Omegas, Nova Delta, Poseidon.
3-Nanotechnologycal Armor, as add-on layer to the units not yet equipped with this technology. Enhancement of the armor on the units yet equipped with concealed Nanotechnologycal layer (Warlock destroyers, Nike Battle Cruisers.)
4-Complete EGAD sensor suite.

The Brightwarrior program must be actuated immediately, and carried on as quickly as possible.



The E.F.N.I. can provide technical informations and basic technologies and specimens for all the pieces of equipment listed above.

The E.F.N.I. is endorsing the development of Ion weapons and Antimatter streamer that is taking place in the R&D departements of General Electric, Westinghouse, Raytheon, O.T.O. Melara, Walther.

The E.F.N.I. is endorsing the application on his units of the Nanotechnological armor, and the production of this defence system that is taking place in the production departements of Rocketdyne, Karmatech, Colosseum, DuPont, Bayer, 3M.

The E.F.N.I. needs the support at least of the Earth Force, in terms of politic will and budget support, to close the R&D phase and launch the full scale production of the following systems, and the development of the following activity:
-Antimatter streamers.
-Ion bolt weapons.
-Application of a nanotech layer (If Vorlon Bio-Armor will not be available) on all the Omega and Nova class warships .
-Production and installation of complete EGAD sensor suite on all the ships.
-Large scale production of Centurion Dreadnoughts, Nike Battlecruisers, Gladium Frontal Assault Vectors.


1-If these improvements will not be applied, and if, as seems at least possible, the TSA will manage an intrusion in our living space, the outcome will be the total extinction of the human race and, as a collateral consideration, the total extinction of every living being in the space that will be invaded by the TSA. Actually, there is no force able to manage with effectiveness the TSA menace.
The Centauri Republic must be regained to the ISA.

2-The Actions of #1 and/or #2 must be started ASAP. Strong efforts must be made to involve all the ISA members. An immediate start of these activities will lead, in a timeframe of four-five years to the constitution of a spaceforce able to face an invasion of TSA numbering up to 3-4000 warships with consistent possibility of success, and a loss rate of not nore than the 25% of the initial forces. If we will have eight-ten years of preparation time, and the full support of ISA and Centauri Republic, with a tech sharing and a series of multilateral Fleet Exercises enabling the Allied forces to operate as an integrated structure in both the Command structure at tactical level, and in the training and operative procedures at strategic level, the defeat of a TSA invasion becomes a very likely event, with an acceptable loss rate.


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