This page is not a complete history of the Earth Alliance from the origins to the actual days, neither it tries to be. It's just an attempt to offer to the public a general timeline of the most important facts that shaped the E.A. as it is, and to remark how and when the Earth Force Naval Intelligence gave some contribution to these events that were relevant in the evolution of the politics and in the defence of our Alliance.

The E.F.N.I., like all the humans things, has had his glory days and his tormented periods: the terrible losses sufferd by the Operations Division and by the Special Operations Command during the Minbari War, the hard contrasts with the Psi-Corps, because of the denial to accomplish unclear politics ambitions, and the subsequent involvement of the E.F.N.I. in the TelepathWar, that in some moments could seem a retaliation. The hard moment of the Choice in the period of the Clark's presidency and of the Earth Civil War, when all the single members of the Service were made to decide, on an individual basis, what part of the Fidelity Oath was the most important, the fidelity to the official institutions, or the ethical loyalty to the duty "to defend and preserve the Freeodom, the Safety, the Rights of the Earth Alliance Citizen, even at Price of the Life".

The E.F.N.I. has a lot of reasons to be proud of his past, and of his present: the first operations when the Earth Alliance was at the beginning of his walk through the stars, the success in the Dilgar War, when the Service was able to break through the most hidden secrets of the ferocious alien empire, to penetrate their bases and to break their codes, the successes in the technical area, that gave to the Earthforce some key technologies, the part that E.F.N.I. has had in resolving some political troubles providing accurate informations to the Governement, the long, patient work in the dark to defend the Earth Alliance and so many other people from the menace of the Shadows, that was paid with many lives of E.F.N.I. agents, the succees in the War against the Drakhs, that has been won also thanks to the strong contribution of the Service, and, later, the discovery and the early warning about the Thirdspace Aliens, that allowed the Earth Alliance, the Centauri, the Minbari, the Narn, and all the nations of the ISA to prepare the instruments that granted the survival and the Victory against this ancient, powerful enemy of every living being.

In any case, the most important fact that must be considered is the institutional duty of the E.F.N.I.: gather and analyze informations, manage operations, elaborate data and technologies to support the Earthforce in the defence of the Earth Alliance. An E.F.N.I. Member is a Soldier before any other thing, whatever can be his particular duty; and, beyond any other consideration, if this organization as a whole can be subject to critics, that can be fairly discussed in other moments and places, none that gives some value to the Truth can negate the courage and the spirit of sacrifice of the E.F.N.I. Agents during the history of this organization.

Facts and Events: 2047-2281


Station Prime completed in Earth Orbit. This is the action that officially started the "Race to the Stars" of the Earth.
The Vorlon installation in Antarctica begins the creation of telepaths.
Foundation of the Earth Alliance

Earth Alliance is founded as an economic and political conglomerate.

War between India and Pakistan grows into WWIII.
WWIII ends.
Dissolution of the U.N.

The Earth Alliance becomes the Earth government, the United Nations is formally dissolved.

The existence of telepaths in humans is conclusively proven and the Metasensory Regulation Authority is created. The Government begins tracking the families of known telepaths.
The solar system is wracked by piracy, as the unpoliced mining stations in the Asteroid belts and gas giant moon systems are raided by criminal organizations.
Foundation of the Earth Force

EarthForce is formally created, officially as a police to grant international laws and human rights in regions not claimed by nations, i.e. the Asteroid Belt. Friction with the Belt Alliance quickly led to legal restrictions on that organization. Firsts space skirmishes involving Earthforce ships expressely conceived for combat purposes; First utilization of a space fighter, the Lockheed-Mitchell SA-5 Dauntless, that proofs itself vastly superior to the roughly adapted pirat units.
San Diego destroyed by nuclear terrorists.
A Telepath in Earth Force Security, stops a terrorist plot during his career and dies saving the life of Earth Alliance President Robinson. Equal opportunity laws passed, and established the Committee on Psychic Phenomena. This is popularly cited as the origin of Psi-Corps.
The First Contact.

Opening of "Stargate", first jumpgate in the Solar System.

7 April:The First Contact.

The Centauri contact the Earth Alliance, and begins friendly relationship with the Earth. The Centauri lease the humans time on their jumpgates, building one in Earth orbit. The EA had been showing increasing signs of strain over internal problems, and some historians believe First Contact saved Earth from civil war. Psi-Corps is established as an independent organization.

1 July: The Centauri Governement opens a Jumpgate, named "Stargate" by the humans, in the Lagrange point between Earth and Moon. The Earth people can travel between the stars faster than the light.

1 April:Constitution of the Earth Force Naval Intelligence as a separated authority of the Earth force. The purpose of the EFNI is to Gather informations of military and technnologychal relevance about alien cultures and powers, and "Contribute to the defence of the Freedom, the Safety and the Rights of the Earth Alliance Citizens."
The EFNI is conceived as a branch of the Earthforce Navy dedicated to the intelligence and special missions needs of the fleet related with the new reality of a larger universe full of unknown alien powers.
Earthdome is built in Geneva as the seat of the Earth Alliance Government ("Earthgov").

EFNI organized: are established the Informations Division, the Investigation Office, the Operations division with the Naval Service and the Special Operations Command, the Technical Division with the Research and Development section and the Procurement and Manteinance section.

The Journey of the "Argo"

10 January - Shakedown of the E.A.S.Argo, the first jump capable Earth Alliance ship. The first cruise, after a goodwill tour that reaches Centauri Prime, Brakis and Vree, places an EA outpost in the Proxima Centauri system, an hyperspace beacon and a scientific station on Proxima III.

During this same year are launched many Oracle jump capables exploration ship, and begins the construction of the "Pathfinder", the largest starship ever built by the human race, and the first EA ship both jump capable and capable to lay down a jumpgate.

EFNI presents officially the "New Sword" Activity, to aid the EFRAD in the development of space combat units able to hold their own in confrontations with the known aliens civilizations.
The first extra solar colony: Proxima III

10 June:
Proxima III becomes the Earth Alliance's first extra-Solar colony. The "Pathfinder" opens the first Earth Alliance jumpgate. The Centauri Republic that provided the jumpgate, cheers and supports this fundamental step of the human race through the stars.

EFNI begins a "Gentleman’s Agreement" of collaboration with the Centauri Secret Service (C.S.S.), with the approval and the support of Earth Alliance Governement and of the Centaurum.

EFNI Technical Division develops the Energy Web.
The Aegis program

Aegis Program, intended to secure Earth from possible alien threats, bore its first fruit with the Avenger Alpha class carrier, Aries class Starfury fighters, Interceptor Web and Aegis Armors.

First hostile confrontation between EA and aliens.

The Koulani Dirctorate raids the EA outpost orbiting 61 Cygnus A II.

EFNI Informations Division with the Investigation Office investigates the relations between Koulani directorate and Ch'Lonas - Discovered a plot to force the E.A. to stop his exploration and outposts establishing program. - Discovered planning of further Anti-E.A. Activities, involving Koulani And Ch'lonas.

First Victory of the Earth Alliance against aliens.

A raid of the Ch'lonas against the Human colony on Ross 128 IV is defeated by An E.A. Task Force - first use of the Avenger class carriers, Olympus Corvettes, and Aries class Starfury.

Minor EA/Centauri skirmishes. EFNI and Centauri Secret Service manage to cool down the consequences, providing informations to Centaurum and E.A. Governement.
EA/Centauri Republic treaty signed.
The Rush To The Stars.

the exploitation of natural resources on Proxima III and the technical progress in the space transportation bring to the economical break even point of the first off-world Earth Alliance colony. The colonization shows to be an economic success.

Established outposts on inhabitable planets with exploitable resources: founded the colonies of Tau Ceti and Epsilon Indi.

This is the beginning of the "Rush To The Stars" of the Human race, with a massive activity of commercial corporations and industrial conglomerates, and large investements supported by the intervention of the EA governement.

The Strategic Interest Area.

The Earth Alliance has a shift in its settlement politics, beginning to place outposts and facilities even in systems without inhabitable worlds, aimed to establish a "strategical interest area" in a range of about 20 to 40 light years from the Earth.

Thanks to the lack of inhabitated planets and of alien settlements or claims in the relatively peripheral space area surrounding the Solar System, this exploitation policy allows the Earth Alliance to quickly build an extended network of outposts and station, and "set the foot" on a large number of unclaimed systems.

This politics, totally different from the settlement politics of other races, has many advantages and some drawbacks: among the advantages is the quick and effective build up of a large space of interest and the possibility to legitimate claim the ownership of an enormous quantity of strategic resources, without stressing the relations with alien powers.

This policy, due to the sheer dimensions of the territory to be controlled and of the space lanes, had as a consequence the quick growth of the Earth Alliance space fleet, both commercial and military, with rainfall benefits in all the economic areas. In less than half a Century the EA had under its control a territory (and potential resources) not too much smaller than the Centauri Empire (or the yet unknown Minbari federation).

The drawback of this settlement policy was that the bulk of the human people was Earth resident, while the off-world population, the colonials, were spreaded in small settlements in a large number of systems, usually accounting for less than a couple of millions of inhabitants. The largest colonies, Proxima III, Orion VIII, Leonis II and Ross 128, had a population between the 15 and the 35 millions inhabitants.
This meant that, while the "colonials" had a lot of room space to grow and high personal incomes, and they maintained strong ties with the home planet, was the Earth the top gainer of the economic growth, and the structure of the dominion itself left the mankind higly vulnerable to a strategic attack, being the Earth the clear and only key strategic objective in case of conflict. Less than a century later this vulnerability was well shown in the Minbari and Drakh wars.

Established a commercial minerary facility on Wolf 359 II

Established the Wolf 359 Military Outpost, and organized the Wolf 359 Military Arsenal.

Founded a colony on Alpha Centauri IV
Established the Vega Military Outpost.

Found large veins of Quantium 40 in the UV Ceti system: established a minerary outpost and layed a jumpgate: the Earth Alliance becomes autonomous regards to the Quantium 40 ore needs.

Earth Alliance settles in the Pi-3 Orionis system: foundation of the Orion Colonies.
The defence of UV Ceti

An attempt of military occupation of UV Ceti, actuated by the Tanjan Dictate, is contained by the territorial defence: Earthforce sends an expeditionary force that intercepts the Tanjan invasion fleet: the Earth Alliance task force defeats swiftly the Alien fleet. It was in this period that some alien powers begin to consider the Earth Alliance as a force to be reckoned with.

Crystal City, on Proxima III, accounts for more than one million inhabitants. The New London naval orbital production facilities (Proxima III orbit) are operationals.

Signed a commercial agreement between Earth Alliance and Brakiri Sindicracy representetives.

The commercial balance of the Earth Alliance respect to the Aliens becomes financially active.

The age of the Expantion

The Earth Alliance, thanks to an aggressive settlement politics based upon joint governement-industrial activities, is capable to organize a large network of colonies and outposts of various types (scientific, industrial, military), with an oculate spreading of the strategic resources and facilities. Orbital Shipyards are put operationals in the Proxima III and Tau Ceti systems.

The colonization sparks an enormous and previously unexperimented economic growth, backed by the extremely effective economic and cultural sturucture of the Earth civilizations, and by an extremely efficient industrial, manifacturing and financial system.

The Earth Alliance export balance grows quickly, and the exploitation of the resources of more than twenty systems combined with the need to protect these economical interests, allows and pushes a strong military buildup. In the timeframe of thirty years the Earth Alliance becomes a large economic power with trading agreements with the Centauri Republic, the Brakiri Krona Sindicracy, the Vree Ventuki Conglomerate and with other LONAW Worlds and powers, while the Earthforce becomes a strong and effective instrument.
The main export items are raw materials, modular orbital facilities, industrial nanotechnologies, low cost space freighters, industrial equipments, power production plants, luxury goods and foods. A not negligeable part of the export budget is represented by the interstellar transport services of the various EA freighter lines, relatively unexpensives and well protected against the piracy by an effective patrol and security service of Earthforce.

The expantion of the copmmerces was a relevant factor for economical growth not only for the Earth Alliance, but even for LONAW and Centauri.

Was in this period that the Earth Alliance strenghtened its ties with the local powers of the LONAW, while maintaining excellent relations with the Centauri: in the political arena, thanks to a millenary experience in the fields of political talks and diplomacy and the lack of preconcepts or bad legacies from the past, the humans were a well liked and respected community that show to be very capable to act like a bridge between the various alien species, mediating contrants and building the bases for many peaceful and agreeable solutions of political troubles in the turbulent interstellar community.
The economical ties and the profitable activities shared between various races helped in the smoothing of the interstellar relations.

In the few occasions in which the human interests or safety were military attacked, the response of Earthforce was so quick and devastating (while strictly controlled) that the Earth Alliance, yet in the early 2210's, was regarded not more as the "new kid on the block", but as a trusty and loyal regional power, well accepted as a commercial and politic partner, and very respected as a military power to not trifle with.

In this age the EFNI evolved from a relatively specialized organization to the main information source regards to the Alien activities, providing a wide and effective information dissemination amongst the Earth Alliance intelligence community, either for the Federals and for the Nationals intelligence and information offices.

Shakedown of the Artemis Frigate, first of her class.
First EA built jumpgate: the Io Jumpgate

The old Centauri gate in Earth orbit is deactivated, replaced by the EA built Io gate.

Mars Colony requests independence from Earth.

Rising tension in Earth Alliance members leads to fear of a civil war.

First plot of the Psi Corps to acquire polithycal power in the wake of civil disorders discovered and publicly denounced by the EFNI.

General elections of Earth Alliance. A new Senate majority emerges.
The New government promulgates laws to ease commerce and travels between colonies and Earth, and to promote economical growth. Fiscal pressure ease. Improvement of the commerce with alien worlds and powers. Surge of the Earth Alliance Gross Domestic product.

The ban of the Psi-corps from the political activity

Approved a constitutional amendment that bans the Psi Corps from the perform of political activities, and negates to the Corps the right to support or adverse political candidates.
Indipendence of the Narns

Narn win their independence from the Centauri after a long war of attrition. They get access to Centauri Tech that was left behind and begin to build and sell weapons. Narn Regime exploits former Centauri colonies, and takes the military and economic control of many worlds formerly occupied by the Centauri, building his own empire, even if formally declared a "Protectorate".

Narn regime attempts occupation of Gaim homeworld. The attempted invasion ends in a disaster when the Narn ground troops are slaughtered by the Gaim genetically engineered warriors.
In this Period, EFNI monitors the activities and the military build-up of the Narn Regime, and the activities of Ch'lonas and Koulani Directorate.

An invasion of the Leonis VI colony, (2205) attempted by the Ch'Lonas, is defeated by the EFNI Naval Service, with heavy losses for the Invasion Force. First large military operation conduced by the EFNI, and successfull debout of the Tiger Starfury

EA/Narn Regime skirmishes. The Narn attempt the invasion of Epsilon Indi V, but Earthforce easily drove them back.
Operational debout of the Hyperion cruisers.
EFNI investigation office and Earthforce SID (special Intelligence Division) begin to gather informations and track military activities of the Dilgar Imperium. - Information Sharing about the Dilgars between Centauri Secret Service and EFNI is officially authorized and endorsed by both the Earth and Centauri Governements, and carried on on a regular basis.
The Dilgar buildup. The Nova program and the "4000 ships Navy"

The "Deep Red" report, about the Dilgar activities, is presented by the EFNI to the Defence and Polythical commissions of the Earth Alliance Senate.

E.A.Governement Authorizes the "4000 ships Navy" program, and the NOVA Program.

Maiden flight of the Nova Starfury.

EA/Narn Regime treaty.
Launched the production of the Nova Starfury

NOVA class Dreadnought (Nova Alpha) enlisted in service. The Hyperion cruiser production lines are duplicated, and new production facilities for Hyperyon and Artemis warships production are opened in the orbit of Proxima III. In the Earth orbit are opened four assebly lines for the Nova Dreadnoughts.
The Dilgar Invasion of the LONAW

The League of Non-Aligned Worlds is devastated by the invasion of the Dilgar. Jha'dur leads the invasion and conquest of sectors 24, 39, 64, 58.

Jha'dur wipes out the population of Latig 4 by infecting the whole echosystem with Stafford's Plague.

The Earth Alliance joins in to help the Non-Aligned Worlds. The Dilgar conquer Hilak 7 and Balus.

EAS Persephone destroyed during a reconnaissance of the war zone by Dilgar forces, who officially apologize.

EFNI launches the
"Have Red" information gathering mission, succesfully penetrating the Dilgar controlled space. Two Thorun fighters and a whole Heavy Pulse Bolter turret of a Dilgar battleship are stolen from a military depot of a Spaceyard.

The Dilgar War ( For a complete and detailed article, see "Dilgar War: The Earth Alliance Involvement" )

Jha'dur destroys the planets Tirolus, Comac 4, and Malax.

Earth Expeditionary Forces under Admiral Hamato intervenes in Dilgar invasion of Markab space and attack the Dilgars.
The EA force, strong of more than 70 ships, clashes against more than 100 Dilgar ships, but, even if numerically and technologically inferior, the EA ships show to be more effectively armed, and enormously more durable than the Dilgar units. The Tiger and Nova Starfuries gain the space superiority. The battle is hard, and the EA forces had to sweath, but the Dilgars are vanquished and pursued.
This is the first defeat of the Dilgars.
EFNI conducts the
"Red Screen" information gathering mission.

EFNI completes the
"Red Dagger" operation. A Dilgar cruiser is boarded and captured by EFNI Naval Commandos. Recovered Dilgar encryption systems. Dilgar codes penetrated.
Dilgar military operation plans discovered and made available to the Earthforce Joint Staff.

Battle of Orion : a powerful retribution fleet of the Dilgars tries to attack the EA colony of Orion VII, but it is intercepted by the Earthforce Fleets and the Orion National Guard: the first attack of the Dilgars against the Earth Alliance ends in a disastrous defeat for the invaders, and a great victory for the human forces.

Dilgar war ends - Earth alliance emerges as a major power.

Battle of Comac Major II. The III EA fleet breaks the blockade of the Brakiri colony, but is quickly attacked by a powerful Dilgar fleet: this is the largest battle of the Dilgar war up to this moment, and is won by the EA and LONAW forces, with extremely heavy casualties for the Dilgars. The Tide of the War turns clearly on the EA and LONAW side.

Battles of Abba and Ipsha Prime: Earthforce destroys two large Dilgar fleets. Abbai and Ipsha liberated from the Siege.
A series of operations, led by the Earth Alliance miltary might, breaks the military structure of the Dilgar Empire. Battles of Alaca and Tirolus

Battle of Balos : the bulk of the Dilgar fleet clashes against the Earthforce V and VI fleets: The Dinassault 55, a task force of 48 Nova Dreadnoughts, jumps in the middle of the battle, on the flank of the Dilgar fleet. The losses suffered by the Dilgars are so heavy that their operational capability is virtually destroyed. Jha'dur escapes after the destruction of her ship by the E.A.S Tillman. Jha'dur kept safe and hidden by the Minbari Windswords clan.

Earth Alliance Marine Corps and Infantry conquers Balus.

Battle of Omelos - End of the Dilgar War; Earth and the Non-Aligned Worlds are victorious.

EFNI opens two dossiers about Minbari and Vorlons - the gathering of informations is extremely difficult - Lack of collaboration by the LONAW.
The Narn Regime continues the expantion of his "protectorates"
The Dilgar are destroyed when their sun goes nova.
Hard political debates in the press and in the Parliament

The general elections of the Earth Alliance are lost by the Freedom Coalition, after 35 years of government. The new majority brings to the power the Unionist party. William Morgan Clark becomes Senator of the Alliance.

The military budget is reduced, the new government endorses a centralist fiscal policy that, in the long term, penalises the economy of the colonies.

The Psi-Corps is allowed to nominate "observers" in the senatorial commissions.

EFNI starts the "Deep Blue" mission, to Gather further informations about the Minbari Federation, actually still an almost unknow alien civilization.

Completed the
"Deep Blue" dossier about the Minbari. The conclusions are rejected by the E.A. Governement and contested by the Public Relation Office of the Psi Corps.
The Minbari War

12 July -
The Prometheus incident.

The Grey Council's cruiser Valen'Tha encounters a human fleet, including EAS Prometheus, EAS Hyperion, and EAS Amundsen. The Earth ships attacked. The Prometheus fired the first shots of the confrontation that severely damaged the Gray Council's Cruiser. Dukhat, Leader of the Grey Council, is killed. The Human ships fled as the remaining Minbari ships stays on their positions. When the Minbari fleet learned that Dukhat was killed, they pursued the ships back to an Earth base. Initially, Captain Jankowski explained that they had encountered hostiles in an attempt to cover his actions, and when the Minbari ships appeared, the situation is uncontrollable. After this accident, and the death of their leader, that the Minbari declared a holy war against Earth. The final objective is the total extintion of the human race.

The attempts of the EA to stop the war, and the pleas for peace, are rejected by the Minbari.

21 July -
Battle of Vega.
The 1
st naval division of the V fleet, with a strength of 12 Hyperion cruisers, 8 Nova Dreadnoughts, 5 Nova-X Battlecruisers and 10 escort units of the Olympus and Artemis classes, tries to oppose a Minbari task force en route to attack the Vega colony. The EA task force is wipped away by a fleet of at least 75 Minbari Warcruisers: Only three Sharlins are destroyed, one of them rammed by a Nova-X, the other two by the fire of the few EA ships that survived long enough to reach the ballistic contact with the Enemy force. None of the EA ships survives. The few survivors of the crews of the ships, escaped on the emergency lifepods, are searched and exterminated by the Minbari.

The first battles are tragic defeats for the E.A., that in this first phase of the war loses an average of 12 to 1 fighters and 9 to 1 ships. Earthforce is qualitatively and quantitatively outclassed in every field, and is made to fight on Minbari Initiative and in numerichal inferiority. Planetary Draft begun.

30 September -
The destruction of the Drala'Fi
Lt. Cdr. John Sheridan destroys the Shargoti class Battlecruiser Drala Fi and three other Sharlin Cruisers, in the Asteroid Belt.
8 January
There is an attempt at peace negotiations between Earth Force officers and the Minbari leader Lenonn, head of the Anla'Shok (Rangers), aided by a Narn Diplomat, Mr. G'Kar. It is disrupted when a Centauri ship attacked the meeting and killed the Anla'Shok Lennoon. Only in the 2277 is discovered that this mission was the outcome of a plot of the Shadows, that manipulated the Centauri governement through a Drakh agent, to ensure the prosecution of the War between Humans and Minbari.

At this point of the war, the Earthforce has learned to avoid open space battles against the Minbari, whose ships and fighters, equipped with a "stealth" technology, are untrackables for the long range trackers of the EA weapons. The ambush and short range fighting tactics of the Earth Alliance enables to slow down and inflict losses to the Minbari, but the attrition rate is still about 5:1 for the ships and 7,5:1 for the fighters, while many shipyards are destroyed. It is clear that the Earth Alliance, even suffering dramatic sacrifices, is unable to turn the tide of the war.

11 April - 28 may - The battles of Signet system

2June- 28July -
The siege of New London

The last battles. The Line. The End of the Earth-Minbari War.

Mars Colony declares his neutrality in the Minbari War.

Battle of Sinazar: the remains of the V fleet are destroyed by the Minbari. At this point, Earthforce has Yet lost the 60% of her warships, even if the average loss ratio is actually 4 to 1 (ships) and 6 to 1 (fighters). The first assault of Minbari ground troops landed on the surface of Sinazar is successfully sustained by the Garrison of Earth Infantry and Marines, that is able to inflict heavy losses to the Minbari, then the Garrison is virtually annihilated with an orbital bombardement.

Siege of Orion Colonies - 02 February - 20 October : The Minbari forces blockade the System of Pi-3 Orionis. The long siege is a series of minor fightings in which the Minbari forces struggle to overcome the land based defences of the human colonies. Earthforce Navy, Orion Guard and Belt Alliance fight a "space Guerrilla" with a certain degree of effectiveness, based upon ambushes, but the system is too insulated and the EA resources too much depleted to allow nothing more than an attrition resistance.
The Minbari land troops in the last period of the campaign. The Earthforce Army and the National Guard put up a stiff opposition.

Battle of Flinn Colony: the Task Force Dinassault 55 (a formation of 48 Nova DN) holds three days the advancing Minbari fleet, in a prolonged battle in the local asteroid belt, until It's destroyed by Attrition. The loss ratio is 3 to 1 (ships) and 4 to 1 (fighters) in favour of the Minbari. This battle was the most costly of the war, in terms of lives and ships, for the Minbari Navy, that suffered the total loss of 12 Sharlin cruisers and 3 Tinashi Frigates, with 2200 casualties. 45 of 48 Nova were lost

Battle of Barnard Star - Battle of Wolf 359

These were the largest battles of the last part of the war besides the Line: the EA Navy forced the Minbari to fight in the asteroid fields of the two systems: the loss rate was about 4 to 1 in favour of the Minbari. These battles were the furnaces in which the last organic fleets of the Earthforce consumed themselves in the attempt to stall the Minbari advance.

The EFNI Naval Service tries to oppose the incoming Minbari Fleet and to defend the Io outpost and jumpgate transit station, but is whipped away. The E.A.S.Katana, The last surviving Nova DN of the EFNI, Rams and destroys a Sharlin Cruiser.

Battle of the Line: 300 vessels and 4500 starfuries and shuttles fielded by Earth, tried to oppose a fleet of 950 Minbari Warcruisers. EFNI fields his two last available ships, the Artemis frigate Diamonback and the Hyperyon cruiser Broadsword. Of more than 20000 Men and Women there are only 207 survivors. Three of them are EFNI personnel. The Minbari, after the destruction of the Earth Fleet, cease the hostilities. The battle lasted less than four hours.

End of the Earth/Minbari War. in 2 and 1/2 years of war, the Earth alliance suffered 285,000 deads, The Minbari about 65,000. Earthforce is reduced at less than 20% of his pre-war forces.

The EA Senate votes to suspend food shipments to Mars in retaliation for Martian neutrality in the war
Food Riots on Mars and the public beginning of the Free Mars Movement.

EFNI begins the reconstruction of his Naval Service and Operations Division.
Luis Santiago, President of the Earth Alliance, proposes the "Babylon Project": an interplanetary forum for negotiation and peaceful dialogue.
The Centauri, Narn, Minbari, and the League of Non-Aligned Worlds choose to support this plan.

Tau Ceti IV colony founded.
The Babylon Project

Space stations Babylon, Babylon 2, and Babylon 3 are begun, but each is sabotaged and destroyed before completion.

Babylon 4 is begun.

The Drazi begin secretly supporting the Raiders attacking smaller races at the edges of Drazi space.
The plot is discovered by the EFNI. Operation
"Crystal Sword" - The Efni Operation Divison organizes a deep recognition and surveillance mission. After some skirmishes and an intense data gathering activity enforced by EFNI units, the EFNI Naval Service ambushes and whipes away a large raider fleet, then captures two logistic installations - Raider activity reduced at less than 10% of the original volume.

The"Syria Planum Find"

An Interplanetary Expeditions archaeological team, finds an unknown alien artifact buried under the Martian Sands in Syria Planum, where Psi Corps has a facility. An IPX team unburies the artifact, a Shadow ship buried under the surface of Mars for at least 1000 yrs. A worker touches it with his bare hand and dies. EFNI Investigation Office and Technical Division organize a research team to investigate the Ancient vessel, but the Psi Corps obtains to ban the access to the Artifact. (Day 6) IPX orders the move away of the civil archeologychal Team. Some unmarked shuttles, almost surely belonging to the Psi Corps, lands and occupies the dig for 6 days.
(Day 9) The Shadow vessel sends out a signal.
The Psi-Corps Telepaths are unable to investigate the Alien Ship. At least two of them die in the attempt to scan the ship.
(Day 12) A Shadow ship shows up at Syria Planum, digs the other ship out, and both leave . These ships are tracked by EFNI to "Alpha Omega 3", also known as "Za'Ha'Dum".

This was the first documented contact with the Shadow civilization.

Babylon 4 is completed. It is staffed with Earth Alliance military personnel, but as yet no ambassadors.

Twenty-four hours after Babylon 4 becomes operational, the last construction workers depart. B4 inexplicably vanishes.
BABYLON 5 completed.


The Babylon 5 station is completed, and goes on-line.


A terrorist bombing of the Io Jumpgate destroys a passenger vessel.


Miners' strike begins on Ganymede.

Dec: The IPX vessl Icarus departs for the Rim to explore the ruins of an unknown alien race.
The Icarus, dropped off in real space by the Explorer vessel DeSoto, arrives at Alpha Omega 3 (Za'Ha'Dum), and begins to interact with an IPX probe.

11 December:

Icarus landing - Found numerous relics of an extremely ancient and higly evolved, civilization.

Opening of the Babylon 5 Diplomatic Station

1 January:

- Last communication from the Icarus expedition.The Crew is enjoying the New Year Party. The Icarus is suddenly destroyed.

The EAS Agamemnon stops a Homeguard cruiser from destroying Babylon 5.

Vorlons make contact with Earth Alliance. The Vorlon Empire sends an ambassador, Kosh Naranek, to Babylon 5.

Tension between The Narn and the Centauri Diplomatic offices. B5 immediately began having an effect as there was a rise in interspecies contracts within weeks of the station becoming operational. Amador and Pepinia became full members of the Earth Alliance. Colonial troubles are afflicting the EA.

3 January:

Babylon 5 is dedicated by President Santiago.

The Vorlon crisis -
Vorlon Ambassador Kosh Naranek arrives at Babylon 5, and is nearly killed by an assassination plot.

5 January:

The Vorlon Fleet arrivesat Babylon 5. Is revealed a plot of Minbari, Narn, and Human agents managed by a rebel Minbari faction, involving the "Star Corsairs" warrior cast's clan.

Suspected involvements of the Psi Corps and of an unknown, extremely powerful alien civilization.

EFNI Investigation Office opens three dossiers:
"Hidden Blue", about the activities of rebel Minbari elements of the Warrior Caste, "Black Paragon", about the polythical activities of the Psi Corps, and "Dark Light", to gather and collect informations about a before unheard alien civilization known as "Shadows", involved in the plot to Kill Kosh Naranek. Is strongly suspected a relation with the "Syria Planum Accident" and the loss of the Icarus, and is suspected a contact between the Psi Corps and the Shadows.

Babylon 5 officially "established".

Earthforce and EFNI begins experimenting with some Shadow Technology discovered in the Lanep system. The Psi Corps pushes for the termination of the "Dark Light" investigation. "Dark Light" dossier officially closed, actually gone "Black". The whole research activities involving Shadow Tecnologies are transferred to the Government.

Narns invade Ragesh 3, allegedly because the Centauri inhabitants asked them to.

Luis Santiago re-elected President of Earth. Vice-President Clark election supported by the Psi Corps.

Narn-Centauri Euphrates Treaty negotiations begin.

Homeguard Leader Convicted; Jacob Lester Found Guilty in Attack on Minbari Embassy

Mars Colony revolts and is put down by Earth as President Santiago authorizes the use of Shock Troops.

Space station Babylon 4 reappears from four years in the past. B4 suddenly disappears again. The disappearance of B4 is apparently explained by the fact that the station was pulled again in the past "to be used as a base in a Great War between Light and Darkness". Probable correlation with the investigations of the "Dark Light" dossier.

30 Dec:
President Santiago leaves Mars Colony for the Io Jump-point on a "Goodwill Tour" in EarthForce One. Vice-President Clark remains on Mars due to a "viral infection".
Assassination of President Santiago

The Narn Centauri War

The beginning of the Clark's Dictatirship

The Shadow War

1 January:
President Santiago is killed in an "incident" on his ship.

Vice-President Clark Assumes the Presidential Office. Psi-Corps develops heavy influnce in the EA politic.

8 January:The "Tragati" Incident.
One of the three Minbari Renegade Cruisers, seceded after the "Battle of the Line" tries to force the Earth Alliance in a new conflict with the Minbari federation - The ship is pursued and immobilized by another Minbari Cruiser, loyal to the Minbari Governement. The Tragati self destructs. Two other Rebel Minbari Cruisers are still hidden: the "Strelas'Tha", and the "Vindira".

The Narn Ambassador, Mr. G'Kar, escapes from the pursuit of Shadow warships.

Explosion at the Royal Tharsis Hotel on Mars, planned site for a Psi-Corps convention.

1 February
1st Psi Corps arrivals on B5, which has been selected as the replacement site.

3 February
A bombing disrupts the Psi-Corps convention on B5.

11 February
E.A.S.Cerberus, Omega Class Destroyer, destroyed by a Shadow like warship.

EFNI opens an investigation, but the activity is closed by the Presidential Office.

The Psi-Corps is Involved. The Investigation is transfered to the
"Black Paragon" commission, Officially closed, effectively gone Black, and directly managed by the EFNI headquarters Staff.
EFNI establishes the "Paragon Commission", to manage under absolute secrecy, and without access for either the Government and the Earthforce Supreme Command, the investigations related to the "Black Paragon" and "Dark light" dossiers. The Earth Government shows the first signs of dictatorship, and is deeply infiltrated by the Psi Corps.

19 February
Earth ambassador on Minbar, Capt. (r) Jeffrey Sinclair is asked to become Entil'Zha (Commander) of the Anla'Shok (Rangers). After a major speech to the Minbari parliament and the Grey Council, Sinclair is allowed to become "Ranger One", and to enter humans into the Anla'Shok.

5 March
First contact between human military personnel and a Shadow, on the Babylon 5 diplomatic station. The Shadow is killed by the personnell of security and command staff of the station.

8 March
EFNI personnel, belonging to the Paragon Commission, gathers informations about the activities and the facts happened on Babylon5.

21 March
Closed the
"Paragon Dossier" - Gathered the evidences of a complex plot involving the "Shadows", the Psi-Corps and the Clark's presidence to take the total control of Earth Alliance, and to initiate a war between Earth Alliance, part of the LONAW and Centauri on one side, and Narns, Drazi and Minbari on the other side. EFNI launches the operation "Hidden Mirror", to hyde his activities and provide covering informations to the Earthforce JSOC and to the Government. An attempt of the Psi-Corps to infiltrate the EFNI is discovered and repelled.

1 April
A deep space research facility of the Psi Corps, orbiting around the Flynn Colony, is destroyed with all the personnell. The aggressor remains unknown...

Centauri emperor Turhan dies, and Emperor Cartagia takes his place. The relations between Centaury Secret Service and EFNI are officially broken. Some unofficial communication channels remain still opened .

15 April
Narn Colony in quadrant 14 Attacked and destroyed By the Shadows. Centauri accused of the action. Narn regime declarates war against the Centauri. Centauri Secret Service tries to proof the involvement of the Shadows and the extraneity of the Centauri Government in the Quadrant 14 tragedy, but the situation quickly degenerates. EFNI tries to offer support, but the Hyperyon-N cruiser "Hammerhead", of the EFNI Naval Service, is destroyed by a Shadow vessel while investigating the Quadrant 14 Area. The informations gatered about the destruction of the facility are strongly indicative, but not conclusive enough to change the course of the events. The C.S.S. is at this point unable to avoid the conflict between his governement and the Narn Regime.

22 May
Operation Sudden Death: the 356th Infantry Division attacks the alien rebels at Matok on Adak in the Shallasian Triumvirate. The attack is successful, but with high losses. The EA begins garrisoning the system for its strategic location.

24 May
EFNI begins contacts with the Rangers (Anla'Shok). Rangers provides further informations about the Shadows actual and past activities.

General Hague meets the Paragon Commission of the EFNI, and takes vision of the Paragon Report and of the "Black Paragon" and "Dark Light" Dossiers. The Earth Liberation Force moves his first steps. EFNI dedicates efforts to delay the involvement of the Earth Alliance in the ongoing Narn-Centauri war. The "Hidden Mirror" covering and disinformation activities works well.

Streib raid in Sector 92 pursued and defeated. Babylon 5 Command Staff joins secretly the Earth Liberation Force, and manages to obtain the support of some friendly sectors of aliens governements to control and oppose the Shadows activities.

Narn/Centauri skirmishing at Babylon 5. The Narn and Centauri each lose a cruiser.

The Markab are afflicted by Draffa plague. The species is effectively extinct. This is a heavy blow to the EA, as the Markab have been close allies since the Dilgar War.

The bulk of the Narn Fleet is stranded on the borders of the Narn space, and the Narn Home Defence Fleet attacks Gorash 7, but is totally destroyed by the Shadows. The Centauri attacks and bombard Narn. Narn Homeworld capitulates.
18 October-28 October - Operation Bright Eagle

Shadow activity discovered in sector 87. The EFNI sets a trap,Operation "Bright Eagle" with a task force of three Hyperion-N and two Nova-N. The EFNI forces set a two-step surprise attack and are able to ambush and cripple a Shadow Battlecrab, and destroy another.

An Hyperion-N cruiser is damaged, the crippled Shadow ship is unoperative, and important specimens and systems are collected. The remais of the Shadow vessels are destroyed by the fire of the EFNI Dreadnoughts, to avoid counterinformation. The EFNI Mission is undetected and unidentified. EFNI gathers informations enabling to assess the technological level and the (extreme) level of menace represented by the Shadows."Dark Light" dossier reopened.

2 November
The EFNI technical division launches a black R&D program to utilze and/or develop the Shadow technolgies gathered through the "Bright Eagle" Mission; "Deep Shield" project starts.

24 December
The EAS Eratosthenes, A Wells Fargo jump gate laying ship is destroyed by Shadow ships in Sector 913.

27 Dec
Earth-Centauri Non-Aggression Pact announced. The EFNI and a faction of the Centauri Secret Service have been successful to avoid the extention of the War.
C.S.S. Informs the EFNI of a deep shadow infiltration in the Centauri Governement.

In this period, the Narn military activities are reduced to some "starship guerrila" actions, conduced with the remains of the Narn Space Fleet.

The Secession of Babylon 5

The beginning of the Earth Civil War

The Shadow War and the strike against Z'ha'dum

On Babylon 5 is established a secret council to manage the consequences of Shadow activities. Cdr. John Sheridan becomes heavily involved in the Shadow problem.


The "Ganymede Dig"

- A Shadow vessel is discovered on Ganymede and digged out: Eartforce and EFNI manages the activities for about twelve days, gathering precious informations until their substituition by the Psi-Corps and the IPX personnels.
The following operations of the Psi-Corps in the Ganymede dig ends in a disaster (20 May): the Shadow ship leaves after destroying the research facility and killing the human personnel.
Capt.J.Sheridan With a Whitestar wing reach Ganymede just as the Shadow Vessel is activated.
Contacts between General Hague, actual leader "In Pectore" of the Earth Liberation Movement, and Capt J.Sheridan, main organizer of the Movement and focal point of the contacts between Earth Liberation Movements and other allied organizations (Anla'Shok and others).

The beginning of Earth Civil War

2 April
EFNI and Earth Liberation Movement agents inform General Hague about the future initiatives of President Clark and Psi Corps.
General Hague breaks away from the Earthforce structure, in anticipation of the Clark's presidency Dictatorial Pronouncement.

8 April
President Clarke declares Martial Law in "Earth Central"- The "Nightwatch" paramilitary organization and operative arm of Clark's dictatorship takes over the power with a "Coup d'etait", under the control of Clark and of the Psi-Corps.

9 April
Nightwatch takes over Security on B5; Executive Order for Martial Law announced during a riot.

10 April
Babylon 5 revolts again the Clark's dictatorship and against the Nightwatch. Nighwatch Security are captured (0315); The Narn assist Security; General Hague disappears. General Hague is Killed In Action during an engagement between the E.A.S.Alexander and the E.A.S. Clarkstown. The Clarkstown is destroyed. The Alexander arrives at B5 carrying General Hague's body.

14 April
Major ship battle outside B5. An E.A.Task force attacks Babylon 5 and two Liberation Force Omega destroyers, the E.A.S. Alexander and the E.A.S. Churchill. In the following battle are lost the E.A.S.Churchill on the Resistance side, and the E.A.S. Agrippa (Rammed by the E.A.S. Churchill) and E.A.S. Roanoke (damaged by the E.A.S. Alexander and destroyed by the B5 defences).
The Mars provisional Government refuses to implement Clark's Martial Law decree. EarthForce bombs MarsDome One , and appoints a military governor.

Babylon 5 declares independence, seceding from the Earth Alliance. At this point, Capt.J.Sheridan is virtually the leader of the Earth Liberation Movement.

EFNI organizes the
"Freedom Sabre" operation, to infiltrate the E.A. Governement and the Earthforce. Objectives of this covered operation is information gathering about the Earthgov/Psi Corps/Shadow activities, and to explore and support the possibility for a Military Pronouncement against the Clark's/Psi Corps dictatorship.

12 July
The Babylon 5 Treaty, for the mutual defense of B5 is signed by a number of members of the former League of Non-Aligned Worlds.

The Shadows begin to invade a number of alien systems.

28 July
Earthforce begins campaign to "liberate" Mars.

3 August
Vorlon Ambassador, Mr.Kosh Naranek, arranges for a Vorlon fleet to help defeat the Shadows attacking wordls of the LONAW. A Vorlon Task Force attacks and defeats a Shadow fleet. Shadow operations slowdown.

Shadows retaliate: Ambassador Kosh Naranek, official Vorlon representative on Babylon 5, is assassinated, almost surely by "Shadows", with the complicity of an human traitor, identified as Mr. Robert J Morden.

EFNI orders the search and pursuit of the Human Traitor "with extreme prejudice".

This was the worst period of the EFNI, that was involved in the same time in direct Anti-Shadow activities, Covered operations against the Clark's dictatorship, Covered operations against the Psi-Corps, internal security activity against the Psi-Corps attempts of infiltration, all managed with the
"Hidden Mirror" parallele structure, while mainataing the "false flag" of the Hidden Mirror, to allow his survival against the Clark's dictatorship, and with an effective loyalty conflict of all his personnel. EFNI resources are overstressed, and must operate under extreme covering.

Shadows begin herding refugees into Sector 83.
Ambassador Lady Delenn becomes "Entil'Zha" (commander) of the Rangers.

11 December
Ambassador Lady Delenn reveals The existence of a fleet of "White Star" type ships to Capt. J.Sheridan. The Whitestars are small and extremely advanced attack warships, built by the Minbari with Minbari and Vorlon Technology.

Capt.J.Sheridan organizes a fleet of Minbari, Rangers, and LONAW units, in the attempt to counter the Shadow operations. The Intervention of Ambassador Lady Delenn grants the support of Minbari Warships.

15 December
Battle in Sector 83. A Shadow fleet is destroyed by the Sheridan's fleet, that suffered heavy losses. Important informations gathered through this engagement: "First One" technologycal level warships can be destroyed by the sustained fire of conventional heavy weapons, either pulse and continuous beam. The Shadows ships are superior about in every field, but, even if extremely though and dangerous are not invulnerable. The Shadow technology is able to pierce the Minbari stealth/cloakig technologies. The Shadow ships are vulnerable to telepathic attacks, that seems to have an interference with the main control systems.

Late december - Z'ha'dum
Capt. J.sheridan is able to obtain two high yeld thermonuclear bombs and to attack Z'ha'dum with a Whitestar ship. The attack is successfull and devastating. Capt. J.Sheridan is M.I.A.

The end of the Shadow War.

The Thirdspace Incident.

The Minbari Civil War

The Liberation of the Earth and trhe End of the CivilWar.

Lady Delenn's plan to counter the Shadows has some troubles.

E.A. Liberation Forces and Anla'Shok attempt to find "First Ones" help against the Shadows, to stop their genocidal plots.

Capt. J.Sheridan returns from his mission in Unclear,lucky circumstances, bringing with him the alien Lorien, a "First One".

Both Vorlons and Shadows begin to attack and destroy entire planets of the respective adversary's allies, utilizing "Planet Killers".

23 January
The Alliance fleet is scheduled to set out for Za'Ha'Dum.

The Vorlons begin step up their battle against the Shadows. Vorlon Ambassodor, Mr. Kosh Ulkesh is killed by Earth Alliance and allied people. Vorlons are deprived of their information source about the actions of the LONAW/Anti-Shadow alliance.

A lucky conspiracy, Led by Centauri Ambassodor, Mr.Londo Mollari, Eliminates the centauri Emperor Cartagia, controlled by the Shadows, and eliminates the actual influence of the shadows in the Centauri governement, with the aid of C.S.S. Loyalist agents belonging to the "Anti Shadow faction".
C.S.S. Loyalist agents provide the arrest of Mr. Morden, the human traitor deeply involved in the Shadow plot against E.A., Centauri, Narn and LONAW governments and in the assassination of Ambassodor Mr.Kosh Naranek. C.S.S. Agents Executes the "Extreme prejudice" request of Ambassador Lnd Mollari and of the EFNI against Mr.Morden.
Ambassador Mr Londo Mollari destroys hundreds of Shadow vessels thanks to high yelds thermonuclear devices, placed by the C.S.S. on the Island of Celini, and Provided by The EFNI to the Loyalist C.S.S. Agents, definitevely eradicating the Shadow influence on Centauri Governement. The Centauri regain their Freedom.

The "Sheridan's Fleet" of LONAW, Anla'Shok, Minbari, and the Babylon 5 Earthforce Garrison faces both the Vorlons and the Shadows fleets in a three-side battle at Coriana 6. Force Intervention of "First Ones" of species differents from the Vorlon and the Shadows, that gives their decisive support to the Allied Fleet, attacking Vorlons and Shadows. At this point a series of events actually yet uncleared drive to the departure of Vorlon and Shadow from the Galaxy.

End of the Shadow War.

EFNI launches the mission "Quick shadow" to gather wreckages and relics in the space of Coriana 6. The formation of two Nova DN and two Hyperion cruisers is attacked by a large ship of unknown origin. In the skirmish are destroyed one Nova DN and the Alien Ship. This is the first known contact between Earth an Drakhs.

Za'Ha'Dum is destroyed by the Shadows. A great fleet of Non-Shadow large Ships, similar in shape to the one that attacked the "Quick shadow" Task Force, leaves the planet before his destruction, and hides in hyperspace. This Alien race is considered potentially hostile and dangerous by the EFNI. EFNI opens the "Green Shadow" investigation about the alien force.

Earth Senate reopens. Day 259 of fighting on Mars ends with freeing of New Vegas and Slimtown.

Thirdspace Incident.

An IPX research team, based on The Babylon 5 station, finds an alien artifact in hyperspace, that is something like a jump gate linking Hyperspace with an unknown dimension. The device is activated by IPX personnel, and allows access to hyperspace to an extremely hostile and dangerous Alien Power, belonging to the different dimension linked to the hyperspace through the artifact.
The incident is perfectly managed By Capt.J.Sheridan, that is able to gather a task force centered on some Minbari cruisers, with the support of a Whitestar group and of the Starfury Squadrons of the Babylon 5 garrison. A formation of gunships of the "Thirdspace Aliens" is able to filter through the gate and penetrate the hyperspace, but is intercepted and engaged by the B5 task force. The invaders are contained, with losses on both sides. Capt.J.Sheridan does an incursion directly on the Gate, and destroys the artifact detonating on it a thermonuclear demolition charge. (Capt.J.Sheridan could be considered the master of the use of nuclear mines: he successfully applied this tactic in at least three former occasions: during the Earth-Minbari war, when he was able to obtain the destruction of a formation of four Minbari warcruisers, three sharlins and a shargoti, in the attack that he made against the Z'ha'Dum Shadow main installation, and during the battle of Coriana 6, where his opening move was the detonation of some high yield thermonclear mines against the Shadow and Vorlon fleets.). After the destruction of the artifact, the remaining forces of the Thirdspace Aliens, stranded and whitout support, were eliminated by the Task force.

EFNI is informed of the incident, and suddenly opens an investigation, due to the ferocious aggressivity and dangerousness shown by the Alien Force. Capt. Daryl Cellini,of the EFNI operation division, is appointed to organize and manage the investigations, that involves the Investigation Office and the Operation Division of the Efni. The
"Damocles" commission for Thirdspace Aliens Investigations is organized.

Shadow former servants begin attacking merchant shipping units. Ambassador Lady Delenn, with the Rangers, investigates a series of attacks on Minbari allies. Contact with the Drakh. The Drakhs, after an attempt to subdue Lady Delenn and the Rangers, attack the whitestar formation. Skirmish between a Whitestar wing and a large Drakh Cruiser/interceptor carrier. A Whitestar and the Drakh Cruiser are destroyed. Rangers gather data and communicate the outcomes to the EFNI. "Green shadow" dossier updated.

Internal civil problems in the Minbari Federation: after the reshaping of the "Gray Council", that gave to the Warrior caste the relative majority in the council, at the expenses of the religious caste, The Minbari governement goes in troubles. The Warrior caste makes a military pronouncement to take over the power.
Minbar begins to slide toward civil war.

On Babylon 5, Capt. Sheridan organizes the Earth Libeartion Fleet.

Organized "Voice of the Resistance", the Liberation's counter-propaganda broadcasts begin.

EFNI "Freedom Sabre" operation team successfully infiltrates Clark's military JSOC. An EFNI "Freedom Sabre" agent (Sabre 8), trained to avoid telepath scanning, obtains the access to the G.O.D. satellite grid control codes. Another agent manages to be assigned to General Lefcourt's operation and planning staff, thus gaining access to all the actual operations and battle orders of the Earthforce. A "Freedom Sabre" S.O.C. Team is able to infiltrate the Io shipyard, and sabotage the works on the Warlock Destroyers.

Civil War on Minbar, fought by the Warrior caste against religious and part of the Worker caste. The military operations of the warrior Caste quickly leads to the substantial defeat of the opponents.
Ambassador Lady Delenn formally surrendes to the Warrior caste, led by Shai Alyt Shakiri and Shai Alyt Neroon. During an official ceremony, aimed to formalize the power takeover of the Warrior Caste, Lady Delenn defies the Warrior leaders in an ancient type of Death Ordeal. She wins the Ordeal, with the Aid of the Warrior Shai Alyt Neroon, that individully choses to rebel against his own Caste for ethical reasons. Lady delenn is nearly killed, Neroon dies in an act of sacrifice.
Ambassdor Lady Delenn exerciseS the gained right to form a new Grey Council, with the worker caste holding 5 of the 9 positions. Democratic turn of the Minbari Government. The possibility of a Minbari attack against the Earth is almost excluded, thanks to the courage of Ambassador Lady Delenn and Shai-Alyt Neroon.

EFNI reduces from "yellow" to "green" the alert level of the "Blue Sector" (The one that monitors a potential Minbar menace).

The Clark's dictatorship orders a warcrime against Earth Alliance refugee citizens.
An EarthForce destroyer destroys refugee ships, with about 10000 civil casualties (The Proxima III massacre)

EFNI begins to obtain key informations from the "Freedom Sabre" network. Informations are directly submitted to Capt. J.Sheridan.

2 September
Capt.J.Sheridan's forces liberate Proxima 3.
Formal support of Centauri and Narn to the Earth Liberation Force.

Liberated the colony at Beta Durani, and a midrange military outpost.

20 November - Operation
"Freedom Knife" - The EFNI Special Operation Commandos S.O.C 2,4,5,10,11,12 and 14 raid and conquer the shipyard, In the orbit of Io, (yet infiltrated and sabotaged in july), where are held the near to be completed Warlock Destroyers: all the technical plans are salvaged, the ships (E.A.S.Necromancer, Enchantress, Titans, Rihannon, Sorcerer, Warlock and Sorceress) are literally stolen by the EFNI Commandos, that take under preemptive control the technical personnel of the shipyards. In the same shipyard are found traces of an unknown activity developed on a small number of Omega destroyers.

Late November
Capt. J.Sheridan is captured by the Nightwatch on Mars.
Rumors about an impending clash between telepaths and "Normals".
Skirmish between a White Star fleet and the E.A.S.Orion and E.A.S.Damocles.

Capt. J.Sheridan is liberated. A White Star fleet, under the Command of Cdr.Susan Ivanova, battles Clark's "advanced Destroyer" forces (built from Shadow technology)in sector 300. The Shadow-Omegas are destroyed, but are able to destroy 12 of 20 Whitestars. Ivanova is mortally injured.
The Shadow-Omega Advanced destroyers have been built with Shadow servants help, under the direct control of Clark's and of the Psi-Corps.
The Inability of the EFNI to obtain informations about this activity, that produced a powerful and potentially definitive attack against the Liberation Forces is the greatest defeat of the EFNI during the Civil War.

Capt.J.Sheridan reaches the Liberation Fleet rendezvous point, and takes command of the force on the bridge of the Omega Destryer E.A.S.Agamemnon.

1 December
Battle of Mars.
Capt.J.Sheridan and his fleet disable the Mars Fleet by unleashing Shadow-modified telepaths, then proceeds towards Earth. The battle produces damages, but no human losses in the E.A. Governative Forces.

2 December : The Liberation of the Earth

The Earth Liberation Fleet, under the command of Capt.J.Sheridan arrive at Earth (1.45 AM Earth Standard Time).
"Freedom Sabre" agent "Sabre 8" is able to disabilitate and sabotage the arming codes of the warheads of the G.O.D. satellites, whose missiles, at this point, are almost uneffective (the warheads are disabled) .
President Clark commits suicide (2.53 AM EST), but not before turning the Planetary defense grid towards Earth. Battle between Earth Liberation Fleet and G.O.D. Satellites. The Earth Liberation fleet is supported by a Minbari task force (Seven Sharlin cruisers) led By Ambassador Lady Delenn.
The warships are hit and damaged by missiles, but none is lost. Heavy losses among the pilots of the Starfuries that attack and disables the G.O.D.grid satellites. General Lefcourt's former governative fleet joins the last part of the battle to destroy the G.O.D. Satellites.

This is the first occasion in wich Earth Alliance and Minbari heavy warships fight side by side (During the Shadow war and in the thirdspace accident were involved only Earth fighters.)

Earth Government is re-established. Capt.J.Sheridan surrenders to EarthGov.

3 December
Mrs.Susanna Luchenko of the Russian Consortium becomes EarthGov President. She and Capt.J.Sheridan come to an arrangement.
Ambassador Lady Delenn presents to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds a proposition for an Interstellar Alliance.

5 December
EarthGov grants Earth Liberation Force's officers amnesty. Capt.J.Sheridan is made to resign from EarthForce. EFNI issues to the Earth Alliance legitimate governement the Warlock Destroyers and the technical materials stolen in the "Freedom Knife" mission.

Ambassador Lady Delenn announces officially and presents the Constitution of the Interstellar Alliance to EarthGov and invites them to join.
Capt.J.Sheridan is named President of the new Alliance.

7 December
President Capt.(R) J.Sheridan negotiates an agreement to free Mars from Earth rule.
Cdr.Susan Ivanova is promoted to Captain and is assigned to a new Warlock Class destroyer.
President Capt.(R) J.Sheridan and Ambassador Lady Delenn are married in a private ceremony on a Whitestar ship.

EFNI closes the "Hidden Mirror"activity. Efni closes part of the "Freedom Sabre" activities: only the activities against the Psi-Corps conspiration goes on.

8 December
Shakedown of the Heavy Destroyer E.A.S. Warlock, first Ship of his class, and first ship to utilize the outcomes of the "Dark Shield" project.

The ISA Declaration of principles.

The ISA-Centauri War.

Captain Elizabeth Lochley arrives on Babylon 5, to take command of the (still independent) Babylon 5. A colony of Telepaths arrive on Babylon 5 seeking sanctuary. Narn Ambassador Mr.G'Kar drafts a Declaration of Principles for the Interstellar Alliance.
16 June The telepath situation continues to deteriorate.
Attacks on Interstellar Alliance ships.
The Telepaths begin to fight between theirselves, in a two faction internal war between the Psi-Corps Affiliates and the Free Telepaths. The Psi-Corps employs "Bloodhound" units.
EFNI collaborates to enforce the rights of free telepaths against the Psi-Corps egemony.

July - investigation of ISA to find the source of the mysterious attacks on Alliance ships. Possible Centauri involvement in the attacks on Alliance Ships.

October - The Alliance examine evidence that the Centauri have been behind the attacks. They ostracize and blockade the Centauri Republic.
The Centauri withdraw from the Alliance. The Interstellar Alliance declares war on the Centauri Republic, under the strong pressures of the Drazi and of the Brakiri Sindicracy.

Ambassadors Mr. Londo Mollari (Centauri) and Mr G'Kar (Narn) reach Prima Centauri, to enlighten eventuals conspiracies related to the Centauri involvement in the attacks against the ISA members, but are captured.

ISA Presidency authorizes the Whitestar fleet to engage the Centauri if they attack any Alliance ships.

Grey Council asked to release to Earth the technology to build White Star ships, to help supplement the fleet.

ISA representatives visit the Drazi home world, following a request of Centauri Ambassador Mr.Vir Cotto. It is determined that the Centauri ships attacking the Alliance have been uninhabited, piloted by Shadow technology.
The Drazi and Narn, regardless the evidences that seems to disculpate the Centauri, mount an assault on the Centauri home world. The Regent has left the planet defenseless. Centauri Prime is decimated by the combined Narn/Drazi fleet. Regent dies.

Ambassador Mr.Londo Mollari is enthroned as Emperor. Centauri Republic exits from the ISA.

The headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance is moved from Babylon 5 to Minbar.

10 Jan-
EFNI Chief Admiral Roger Donovan retires,and appoints as his substitute Rear Admiral Daryl Cellini.

20 Jan
-EFNI Technical Division officially launches the
"Deep Eyes" R&D project, aimed to develop a new generation of sensors, able to break the most advanced jamming/cloaking ECM devices
-EFNI Technical Division officially launches the
"Bright Shield" R&D project, aimed to develop a new generation of armors able to counter anti-matter and molecular detachement weapons, and advanced high energy weapons.The R&D project is based on the outcomes of "Bright Eagle" and "Quick Shadow" operations and "Dark Shield" project.

21 March - The "Strelas'Tha" incident

(see also Strelas'Tha Historical essay)

One of the three rebel Minbari cruisers belonging to the "Tragati Fleet" Ambushes and attacks the Warlock Destroyer "Sorceress" on border patrol duty: the Minbari ship hit first, but the Warlock survived the damage, and replies to the fire. The "Strelas'Tha" Sharlin cruiser is destroyed, the "Sorceress" suffers medium damage. This was the first time that an Earth Force Warship survived an One-to-one, open space engagement with a Minbari unit, and, furthermore, won the fight, even if damaged.

Diplomatic complaints of the Minbari Federation.

The PSI War

The bulk of the Former Psi-Corps paramilitary structure, and former esponents of the Clark's regime, begin an attempt of secession, with military actions against the E.A.,in the wake of the Free Telepaths rebellion.

The Earth Alliance Governement charges the EFNI to contrast the Psi-Corps Anti-E.A. activities.

16April - First strike of the EFNI

The "Starblade" mission
-An Efni S.O.C. assault force attacks and conquers the Syria Planum Psi-Corps' research Facility of Syria Planum, on Mars.
-An EFNI deep strike force attacks and conquers the "outpost 31", taking control of the secret base managed by the Psi-Corps and of the ships, weapons and technologies held in the base. The most powerful ships and weapons of the Psi-Corps, and his most advanced technologies are now in the hands of Earthforce. The military might of the Psi Corps is broken.

A task force of EFNI intercepts a fleet of Psi-Corps' light carriers en route to attack an Earthforce Security Facility. 11 of 12 light carriers and 72 "Black Omega" Starfuries are destroyed (12 in combat, the others still grappled on the carriers). Efni naval service lose 1 Thunderbolt, and suffers very light damages on 2 Nova Dreadnoughts.

An Efni S.O.C. team sabotages and destroys a large logistic facility of the Psi-Corps in the sector 163.

An EFNI Task force intercepts a Psi-Corps fleet in the sector 202. The Psi-Corps fleet (One Omega destroyer, Four G'Quan refurbished cruisers, 6 light carriers, 2 Hyperion cruisers) is destroyed. Efni has Two
Hyperion-N cruisers and three Nova-N DN lightly damaged.

12 June
An Efni deep strike force follows Psi-Corps' Warships (two Omega destroyers) and finds a large military base in the orbit of Vega-VII - Base attacked and conquered by EFNI SOC Commandos. One Omega destroyer damaged and recovered and one Omega destroyer captured by the EFNI.

An attempted raid of the Psi-Corps against the EFNI research and technical support facility orbiting Europa (Jupiter Satellite) is discovered and repelled.

An Efni S.O.C. team raids a Psi-Corps' research facility on the surface of Ross 128 IV.

An EFNI Task force intercepts a Psi-Corps formation in the sector 34. The Psi-Corps formation (one G'Quan refurbished cruisers, 2 light carriers) is destroyed with no losses for the EFNI.

The Earth Alliance Governement suspends the EFNI antiterrorist action against the the Psi-Corps.

The Free telepaths goes on on the final whipping of the weakened remnants of the seceded Psi-Corps' elements.
The Telepath Crisis leads to the disbanding of the Psi-Corps.

Former Psi-Corps' Security chief Bester escapes the disaster, abandoning his people. He is accused of war criminal acts, conspiration with Alien hostile Powers, crimes against the humanity, homicide.

The last Psi-Corps' hide, the Enclave, is destroyed.

End of the Telepath war.
The Drakh War.

The Drakh Plague and the quarantine of the Earth

Shakedown of the
E.A.S. STYX - First EFNI Warlock destroyer, and first ship to utilze the whole technologies developed during the "Dark Shield" and "Deep Eyes" projects. The Systems are successfull. The "Deep Eyes" systems are able to break through the Minbari and Shadow Cloaking/ECM systems.
Efni launches the
"Bright Talon" project, aimed to information gathering and research about innovative weapon systems.

The ISA cruisers Victory and Excalibur are launched.

November: the "Drakh Battle for the Earth" (AKA the "Second Battle Of The Line")

The Drakhs launch a Shadow Planet killer towards Earth. Massive assault of the E.A. and ISA fleets against the Planet killer. The ISA Victory Destroyer sacrify itself to destroy the planet killer and saves the Earth.
240 EA destroyers are lost, nearly 7000 killed. Drakhs lose about 650 ships. The Drakh manage to infect the planet with an old Shadow disease. The Earth is placed under quarantine.
EFNI "Bright Talon" team is able to obtain key information concerning the Centauri Ion Weapons and Twin/multiple array technologies. These informations will be integrated in the future "Bright Warrior" program.

Members of the Unionist Party are involved in a series of scandals, a few months before the general elections - The Psi connection, in which surfaces a blackmail activity, supported by members of the disbanded Psi Corps, against political opponents and members of the press. - The Karmatech scandal, related to bribery in the Military equipment acquisition along the period 2235-2265, and the "scandal of the services", in which surfaces the incorrect management of the informations and reports provided by the SID and other information services to the Earth Alliance government during the periods before the Minbari War and the Shadow conflict.
Mrs. Luchenko, President of the Earth Alliance, is questioned by a Senate inquiry commission.

General elections of the Earth Alliance - the Unionist Party is badly defeated, the Freedom Cohalition wins a large majority of the Senate.

Drakh operations against the E.A. civil traffic and colonies are fought by Earthforce, with some help of Brakiri and Vree forces.

October 31st 2267

Ch'lonas raid in the Vesta belt colony sector (the battle of Halloween) - The Ch'lonas attempt an attack against the E.A. mining and scientific outposts of the Vesta asteroid belt. The raid is defeated, and the Ch'lonas fleet is destroyed by an E.A. task force - Operational debout of the Nova Delta Dreadnoughts.

The EA Senate, included the members elected out of the still quarantined Earth, approves a series of reforms aimed to reshape the relationship between Earth and colonies.
The Defence Committee approves the New York Protocols, whose major outcomes are the reissue to Earthforce of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons for tactical use.

Anla'Shok give their support to the survival war of the Earth Alliance against the Drakhs. Earthforce, thanks to some emergency programs, is able to partially rebuild and reorganize his military forces.

Operational debout of the "Lupo" class frigatesFirst Nova Delta batch assigned to the EFNI Naval Service.

First offensive operations of the earth Alliance against the Drakh.

The Global immunization GX, and the healing of the Drakh Plague

Global Immunization GX is effective to counter and eliminate the biotechnologychal Drakh plague. The Drakh Plague is eradicated.

First batch of "Lupo-N" class frigates assigned to the EFNI in replacement of the Hyperion-Ns lost in action.

Drakh War: The Earth Counterattack

EFNI is able to discover a network of Drakh bases and facilities in the sector 102- Mission
"Deep green", to grant to the Earth Alliance and to the ISA informations about the strategical deployment and the tactical order of the Drakh forces in sector 102.


Earth Alliance Government retaliates against the Drakh forces. EFNI launches a preenptive operation,
"Green Knife", aimed to the sabotage of the local defences of the nine main bases of the Drakhs. The mission is succesfully accomplished by the EFNI SOPCOM and by the Eartforce SOC teams.

2 April- Operation "Sudden Nemesis"

Earthforce surprise attacks eight of the nine Principal Drakh bases, EFNI Naval service attacks the last of them. The Draks are whipped away, with devastating losses, while the Earthforce losses are light due to the lack of early warning and local defence of the Drakhs, obtained by the E.F.N.I.
"Green Knife" missions.
The Drakh presence in sector 102 and in sectors 91,92,95, and 99 is virtually eradicated.
The ISA presidency and the ISA governements cheers the successfull operation.

Warlock Heavy Destroyers shows themselves vastly superiors to the Drakh units, and devastating in combat, excellent proof is given too by the Omega Gamma and Omega Delta Destroyers, Nova Delta DN, Lupo Frigates, Thunderbolt and Firebolt fighters, Tillman Heavy Battleships. Earthforce, after the reconstruction following the Drakh attack of 2267, is again a military force to be reckoned with.
Begins the Buildup of the Earthforce Navy, in the wake of the "Damocles" report.
EFRAD and EFNI in conjunction launches the
"Bright Warrior" project, aimed to obtain and/or develop technologies able to allow the Earthforce Navy to face with an acceptable degree of effectiveness a "First One" Level Menace. The ISA presidential Office, in the Person of Cpt.(R) President John Sheridan, and the Anla'shock Leadership, in the Person of Ambassodor Lady Delenn, are kept informed and gives their acceptance to the Earthforce military buildup. The "Bright Warrior" program is the direct heir of the EFNI "Deep Eyes", "Dark Shield", "Bright Shield" and "Bright Talon" projects.

Launched the production of the
Nike class Cruisers, first E.A.combat unit with full functional gravitic drive.
Launched the production of the
Centurion Class Heavy Dreadnoughts
Launched the production of the
NOVA II Class Dreadnoughts.
Launched the full scale production of the
Warlock Beta heavy destroyers.

The Thirdspace Aliens incidents of sector 98

After the loss of nine freighters of ISA and neutral worlds, all disappeared in hyperspace in the proximities of the Jumpgate N°2455, a joint activity to investigate the problem is started by the Rangers, Earthforce, and EFNI. Some relics are found drifting in the hyperspace in the area of the gate beacon. The relics, belonging to the E.S.S. Sao Paulo, show traces of damages that are strong index of the attack of an extremely powerful plasma weapon or Ion Weapon. LONAW worlds blame of the attack the Centauri, that strongly negate any involvement: In fact, one of the destroyed ships was a Centauri passenger/luxury cruiser ship. After consultations between Centauri diplomatic representatives and ISA presidential office, is reached an agreement for a sharing of a patrol activity between E.A., Anla'shok and Centauri.

About one month later, a Centauri passenger ship, and his escort of four Vorchans, is destroyed in the real space. Rising of tension between Centauri and ISA. Fragments of transmissions from the escort induce to think that the responsibles could be unknown aliens with powerful technology, given the small time that the Vorchan escorts were able to fight against them.

Earthforce Navy and EFNI launches a reconnaissance mission,"Deep Eyes 3" with a powerful formation: The reconnaissance unit was the
E.A.S.Styx (Warlock), with an escort task force led by the E.A.S.Centurion heavy DN, with a Nike battlecruiser, four Omega destroyers and four Lupo Frigates.

After a "nulla di fatto" in the hyperspace, the formation was ambushed and attacked by the hostile unit in the normal space, but the fleet was able to early discover the unidentified foe, and to destroy it after a fierce fight, in wich various E.A.units were damaged, and suffered human losses. The enemy unit was identified as a Thirdspace battleship.

The alert launched at governements level by the E.A. found attention only in the ISA/Anla'shok top levels, and, paradoxally, in some areas of the Centauri military.

EFNI have a strong confirmation of the suspects and of some outcomes of the
"Damocles" investigation: The Thirdspace Aliens are a powerful menace, and is extremely probable the existence of one or more thirdspace transit gates.

Is decided to launch an attempt to open contacts with the "Ancients", finalized to gain support, or at least informations, about the impending menace.

A very important outcome of the "Incident" of Sector 98 was the assessment of the power level of the Thirdspace Aliens, and data gathered about their tecnology. All these data were collected and elaborated in the "Damocles" investigation, and utilized in the
"Bright Warrior" project.
12 June
Shakedown of the
Gladium Heavy Assault Ship, outcome of the EFNI "Bright warrior" Project
Launch of the mass production of the
Gladium Class Assault ships.

The upgrading of the older Earth Alliance units, in the wake of the
"Bright warrior" Project, goes on at full rythm.
2 March - an attempt of the Drakhs to conquer and consolidate an operational base in sector 56 is repelled by an E.A. task force. The E.A.S.Harpoon (Gladium Class-EFNI) destroys four Drakh cruisers in the first 45" of the battle.successfull debout of the Omega Epsilon Destroyers, and first operational use of Earth built antimatter weapons (Raytheon SUPEROMEGA) and ion weapons.
Liberation Of the Centauri Republic from the Drakhs.

Rising tension between Centauri Republic and ISA - The Centauri fleet is finished and moved into position to attack the home worlds of the Interstellar Alliance.

25 December
Centauri Emperor, Ambassador Londo Mollari, meets with Minister Vir Cotto, and suggests a move of the Centauri to hurt the Drahk
Ambassador Lady Delenn and President Capt.(R)John Sheridan are captured on Centauri Prime, attempting to save their son, kidnapped by the Drakhs.

31 December
Minister Vir Cotto destroys the Centauri "Tower of Power", revealing the Drahk presence on Centauri Prime, and the existence of his "Legions of Fire".
Drakhs retaliate, detonating nuclear mines under the towns of Centauri Prime.
Emperor Londo Mollari, in a last heroic attempt to preserve the life of the Centauri Citizens, loses his life. In the same dramatic circumstances dies his old adversary, and later old friend, Ambassador G'Kar of Narn.

The End of the Drakh war

The Treaty of the Four Stars

12 January
Ambassador Vir Cotto becomes Emperor of the Centauri. He is supported by the Great Houses and the Military. The Military is recalled to Centauri Prime, and reassigned to attack the Drakh home world

20 January
Emperor Mr. Vir Cotto returns to Centauri Prime. He encounters the Drakh Leader Shiv’Kala, but the Drahk is killed by the former E.A. and ISA officer, Mr.Michael Garibaldi.
The Drakh presence on Centauri prime is Eradicated, but the price paid is high.


The Centauri republic officially rejoins the ISA.
The Drakh at this point are defeated and virtually unable to conduct either military and polithical/intelligence operations against the ISA members.

"Damocles" report presented to the governements of Earth Alliance, Minbari, Narn and Centauri. The conclusions, endorsed by ISA Presidency and by the Anla'Shok (Rangers), shakes the governement bodies of the four main powers of the ISA.

5 May
Signed on Babylon 5 the
"Treaty of the Four Stars", that closes about a century of struggle between the Centauri and the Narn, and thightens the military agreements between Earth Alliance, Minbari, Centauri and Narns.

The EFNI, after a polythical agreement between the governements members of the Four Stars Treaty, shares the informations and the outcomes of the "Damocles" dossier.

The Minbari governement authorizes the reoponening of the Whitestar class assembly lines, to satisfy the Anla'shok needs. Production of the improved "Whitestar 2" starts.

The Centauri and E.A. Militaries and secret/information services are the only ones that really consider seriously the Thirdspace Aliens potential menace. E.A. Governement and Earthforce and the Centaurum accomplishes the joint request of EFNI and C.S.S., and authorize the collaboration and the information sharing regards the Thirdspace Aliens problem. "Bright Warrior" project presented to the Centauri Military. The Centauri Navy launches the
"Firebird" project, to upgrade the actual fleet, and to build updated classes of ships able to manage the eventual Thirdspace menace.

Fleet exercise "light shield 1"- involving ISA, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, E.A., Vree. The Greatest fleet exercise ever done - Historically Is the first time that Centauri and Narns miltary operates side to side to reach a common objective, beyond the nominal partecipation to the ISA Liberation Fleet during the Earth Civi War. The exercise shows a good technical and operational level of the participants, but enlightens heavy tactical and strategical coordination problem, mainly:

Narn and Centauri total lack of recyprocal collaboration, trust and support.
Heavy lack of speed of Eartforce naval formations , except for the Nike Cruisers and the Lupo Beta frigates.
Minbari total lack of tactical planning and coordination.

Strong complaints of the Vree and of the Anla'shok.

Fleet exercise "Bright Bridge", involving Narn, Centauri, and Anla'Shok, that operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor.

Fleet exercise "Bright Bridge 2", involving Narn, Centauri, Earthforce and Anla'Shok, that operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor.

Fleet exercise "Bright Bridge 3", involving Narn, Centauri, and Anla'Shok, that operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor. The exercise shows an acceptable level of coordination between Centauri and Narn.

Centauri Imperial Navy presents the
"Maximus" class assault Destroyer (officially Battlecruiser), incorporating "Firebird" technologies.

Centauri Imperial Navy launches an upgrade of the
Vorchan class attack cruisers, incorporating "Firebird" technologies.

Narn Navy shakes down the "G'Kar" Heavy Dreadnought, incorporating ISA/Minbari technology
Centauri Imperial Navy launches the full scale production of the
Morado attack cruiser, successor of the Vorchan/Demos classes cruiser, and unanimously considered almost on par to the Whitestar 1, and confrontable with the Whitestar 2.

Minbari Federation launches the production of the Sharshan heavy Warcruiser, incorporating Vorlon technology.

Fleet exercise "light shield 2"- involving ISA, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, E.A., Vree. The exercise shows an improved technical and operational level of the participants, but continues to enlighten some tactical and strategical coordination problems:

Eartforce Ships usual lack of speed.
Minbari usual lack of tactical planning and coordination.

Earthforce completes the Mid-life Upgrade of the Poseidon Class Carrier, incorporating "Bright shield" and "Bright Warrior" technology.

Earthforce Navy reshapes the structure of the Fleet, with the introduction of the Pursuit Squadrons, formations at task force level of Nike Cruisers and Lupo Frigates, to improve the tactical mobility and the manoeuvre capability of the fleets.

Fleet exercise "Chess Master", involving Minbari and Anla'Shok. Anla'Shok operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor. Lack of internal and complexive tactical coordination of the Minbari fleet.

Fleet exercise "Chess Master 2", involving Minbari, Earthforce and Anla'Shok. Anla'Shok operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor. Earthforce operates either as an allied and as an aggressor respect to the Minbari. Lack of internal tactical coordination of the Minbari fleet.

Fleet exercise "Chess Master 3", involving Minbari, Earthforce and Anla'Shok. Anla'Shok operates either as tactical coordinators and as opfor.Eart force operates either as an allied and as an aggressor respect to the Minbari. Acceptable tactical coordination of the Minbari fleet.
Earthforce completes the upgrade of the Nove Delta class Dreadnoughts and of the Omega class Destroyers,Actually both the classes are at the Nova Epsilon and Omega Epsilon standard).

Fleet exercise "Light shield 3"- involving ISA, Minbari, Centauri, Narn, E.A., Vree. The exercise reaches the planned objectives and accomplishes with the exercise theme.
Effective tactical coordination of the Minbari forces, operational success of the Earthforce Pursuit Squadrons.



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