One of the most relevant activities performed by the EFNI in the period from the early 2250 until now is the collection of data, and, if possible, of material items, regarding the technologies employed by the First Ones. The most relevant success obtained is probably the development of the nanotechnologycal armor, based upon Shadow concepts and technologies, but the biggest steps in the field of the "Ancient Technologies" are the outcomes of the contacts and collaboration of the Kirishiacs. One of the Kirishiac Lords, in particular, In the years 2274-2275 assumed the role of design leader in the construction of the Warlord, a ship, based upon the Warlock layout but totally of Kirishiac design and technology. The Warlord is operated by the 11th SOPFORCE of Earthforce Navy that actually operates also the Shadow Hybrids.*

Given the fact that the Kirishiac Lord drove the construction of this ship and the implementation of the relative technologies literally step by step with the humans technicians, the essential outcome, besides the Warlord itself, was an exceptionally clear masterability of the technologies employed.

The Warlord, at the state, is surely the most devastating war machine in the Earthforce arsenals, but, more than every other thing, gave us the access to the original technologies of an Ancient and powerful (And warlike) "First Ones" race, and, while almost all the weapons and systems are a giant step beyond our actual technology (Hypergraviton blasters, Ultramatter cannons**, oriented crystal armor, Phased Gravitic Torpedoes, gravitic dissipators (I.E. shields), Hypergraviton beams), strategically the most relevant pieces of technology that were acquired thanks to this project are the Gravitic quantum singularity reactor, that, in his Kirishiac incarnation is actually at least a generation beyond the analogues systems employed by the Minbari, and the gravitic torpedoes.

The Phased Gravitic Torpedoes fired by the Warlord traced the guidelines to build a phased gravitic pulse warhead employable on the actual generation of anti ship missiles: the relevance of these derivated warheads is not the overall power (I.E. the detonation energy yield), but the way this energy is released, with a powerful graviton wave that is able to causate the instantaneous collapse of the gravitic drive system of the Thirdspace aliens capital ships and the simultaneous shutdown of the gravitic shield.*** This will transform all the actual Earth force missiles from weapons that, against the TSA, can be used only as disturbance/support systems, in weapons capables of terminal effectiveness against the TSA ships: a direct or near miss hit would leave the enemy ship relatively intact regards to the weapons and the reactors, but should disable definitively the propulsion and for some time the gravitic shield with collateral damages to the hull****, allowing our force to destroy the crippled ship with relative ease.
Taking account of the number of available launching systems (All the actual E.A. warships can fire the Shillelagh or the Blue Phoenix missiles, or both, and all the new or refurbished Starfuries are missile capables), the Gravitic Pulse Warheads, actually (2279) in pre-production phase can give to our forces the edge that can make the difference between extinction and victory.

Beyond the awesome weapon system and the impressive defence, based upon a powerful gravitic shield and an exceptionally effective armor (BTW, the main hull of the warlord is monolithic), the refined gravitic propulsion allows performances of speed, maneuverability and acceleration never experienced by us before the inception of this unit.
Actually, one more unit, the E.A.S. Warmaster is beginning to perform the shakedown trials, while two more, E.A.S. Warhammer and E.A.S. Firelord, are in the yards.
For further details about the contacts with the Kirishiacs, see also
Damocles 1 Abstract, and Damocles 2 Abstract.

(*The Shadow hybrids, built under the control of Psi-corps allied Earth Alliance personnel, and later gone under the direct control of the Psi Corps, were captured with their logistic facility by the E.F.N.I. Operation Division on April 16,2264, the day after E.F.N.I. was tasked by the governement to give aid against the attempted Psi-Corps' "Coup d'etait". The Control of the facility and of the ships was transferred from the E.F.N.I. to the Earthforce Navy a few days later).

(**The Ultramatter cannons are gravitomagnetic accelerators that throw a bolt of dgenerated matter at a speed of 370,000 meters/sec: the bolt is obtained compressing ordinary matter in the breech of the weapon until it reaches a density of about 200 times the ordinary metal used as primary feed (copper-nickel alloy). The compression is obtained thanks to a gravitic "annular-singularity" device

(***Among the First Ones, the Kirishiacs, beyond their warlike attitude, are literally the masters of the Gravity. Considered what we have learned from our contacts with them, the type of technology they use seems ideal to face the Thirdspace aliens. The Kirishiacs should be probably able to manage an eventual confrontation with the TSA more easily than the Vorlons were able to, due both their technology and their cultural and psychologycal traits)

(****The graviton wave generated by the explosion of a Phased Gravitic Torpedo generates in a material structure an enormous tidal force that at close distance can literally tear in pieces a ship and his crew.)

Warlord Class
An Historical essay of Grand Inquisitor Dask

Contrary to popular belief amongst the Younger Races, the First Ones did not immediately head for the Rim and beyond after the Battle of Coriana 6. Oh no! They stuck around for ten or fifteen years (two or three minutes from their perspective) and just watched. Truth be told, they were all intensely curious to know what the Younger Races would actually DO without them. Things quickly got out of hand, however, when the Torvalus began placing bets, the Mindriders hitched rides in the heads of several key figures, and the Walkers started to scan everything in sight. Fearing the Vorlons and Shadows wouldn't want to leave their eons-old playground, Lorien finally asked firmly, but nicely (as he is wont to do with his favorite children), for them all to leave.

But not before the last of the Kirishiac Lords did what Lorien had been really hoping none of them would do. He directly interfered. He liked the new Warlock destroyers of that scrappy young Earth Alliance bunch and just couldn't help himself. He just had to go and make his own version and leave it behind as a final parting gift the galaxy of his birth.

And so it was that the Warlord was born. Aside from the remains of Kosh Ulkesh's transport and some random bits of Shadow technology, the Warlord is one of the very last pieces of Ancient technology left in the galaxy today. It is owned and operated by the same branch of Earth Force that created the Shadow Hybrid and is kept in ultra-secret super-secure surroundings as it is actually stable and fully functional and Earth Force desperately wants to save it as an ultra-last resort weapon should they ever need it. It truly is a marvel of First One design and engineering as it actually tested the last of tue Lords of Kirish's design abilities to the extreme when he built it. He wanted it to be a crowning glory and achievement and so it is.


This drawing was made in accordance (As was possible for my capabilities) with the concept of The Warlord of Grand Inquisitor Dask. Both his presentation and the SCS of this ship can be found here.
To Dask, that gave his Ideas, and supported me with his fantasy and suggestions (and patience...), sincere thanks and regards.


Class: Warlord
Type: Dreadnought
Length: 2,260 meters
Mass: 98.1 million metric tons
Acceleration: CLASSIFIED
Crew: 390
Troop: None
Fighter: 48*Mitchell-Hyundane SA 26 A "Thunderbolt" Starfury.

1*Quantum singularity Gravitic Reactor. (first stage)
1*Antimatter reactor (second stage).
4*Gravitic fusion torches.
1*Quadruple Cross Gravitic Drive.
1*Hyperspace phase shifting vortex generator.

2*Hypergraviton blasters. (Spinal installation)
8*Hypergraviton beam projectors.
8*Antigraviton beam cannons.
4*Ultra matter twin cannons.
4*Gravitic torpedo projectors

16 to 22 meter armored hull, oriented single crystal mesh, silicon/organic matrix.
8*Interceptor capable antigraviton pulsars.
1*Gravitic dissipation double field shield.



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